The American Poultry Association would like to thank all the businesses, individuals and poultry clubs that have run a colored ad in our 2016 APA Yearbook.  The organization greatly appreciates your continued support
Adian & Mary Ann Rademacher 230
Ameraucana Breeders Club 215
American Buckeye Poultry Club 164
American Buttercup Club 166
Araucana club of America 207
Bart Pals, Ameraucanas-Silkies-Marans 175
Britt & Fuller, APA Judge, Breeder 211
Cackle Hatchery 149 178
Chicken Riddle, Bridge Riddle 201
Chris Jones Art 167
Clayton Botkin, Master Exhibitor 148
CMT Documentary "Chicken People" 212
Dave Anderson, APA-ABA Judge, Breeder 208-209
Dixie Classic- Tennessee Valley Poultry Club 158
Don Bischof 203
Dwayne & Melody Jonas, APA-ABA Judges 150
Dwayne & Melody Jonas, Breeders of Champions 151 204
Gary Agajanian, Cornish 199
Golden Feather Farm Tom Roebuck 215
Goose Feather Exhibition Waterfowl 176
Hayes, Heather APA-ABA Judge 177
Ho-Hum Farm, George Beyer 147
In Loving Memory of Steve Jones 159-163
In Memory of APA-ABA Judge Bob Lamar 218-220
Jan Britt & Joe Hearne, Polish 179-180
Java Breeders of America Club 200
Jim and Bonnie Sallee 173
John Monaco, APA-ABA Judge 185
Jonathan Patterson, APA-ABA Judge, Master Breeder/Exhibitor 186
Jones & Leonard, Grand Master Breeder/Exhibitor 187
Keller Farms 198
Larry and Mark Peterson 171
Lund Poultry 195
M & J Farm, Mike and Jan Geis 181
Marans Chicken Club of USA 183
Maria's Jersey Giants 196
Modesto Milling, Organic Feed 145
Murray McMurray Hatchery 146
National Jersey Giant Club of America 193
Nite* Guard Solar 152
Ohio National 217
Oklahoma State Poultry Federation 188
Old English Game Club of American 156-157
Old School Standard Bred Poultry 210
Oriental Fowl, Dr Agon Lady 224
Pacific Poultry Breeders Association 228
Patrick Malone, APA-ABA Judge 172
Penthouse Mobile Chicken Coops 18
Poultry Art by Diane Jacky 190
Red Feather Farm, Chris McCary 165
Red Queen, Ruth Caron 189
Reeder Run Poultry, Paul Gilroy 194
Rhode Island Red Club of America 206
Richard Schock, Sumatras and Minorcas 169-170
Rob's Triple P Farm, April & Christopher 225
Sunshine Showbirds 191-192
The Henhouse 231
Urban Coop Company 182
Whiskey Gulch New Hamps, Mike Omeg 229
William Patterson 168
Youth Exhibition Poultry Association (YEPA) 154