Disclaimer: Photographs of the birds are not the actual birds that have been donated for the auction.
These are generic photos of the breed/variety donated by the contributor.
**Due to unforeseen circumstances this list may change without notice
Items or Bird Donated by
1.  Antique Galvanized Egg Shipping Box & Scale  [Photo] Jim and Doris Robinson, TN
2.  Ko Shamo (Wheaten) bantams Brian Decker, MD
3.  Faverolle (Salmon) bantams Leisha Comer, OH
4.  Polish (White Crested Black) bantams Jan Brett, MA
5.  Plymouth Rock (White) bantams Bruce & Janice Sherman, CA
6.  Cochin (Black) bantams Tom & Sandra Roebuck, VA
7.  Australorp large fowl Dan Castle, CT
9.  Langshan large fowl Rhodes Family, MA
10. Original Oil Painting of WC Black Polish by Jan Brett Jan Brett MA
11. Limited edition print of BB Red Modern Game Christ Jones, Poultry Artist, UK
12. Wyndotte Bantams Art Lundgren
14. Cayuga Ducks Pete Milliman
15. SC White Leghorns Large Fowl Bill Sandoe
16. Crevecoeur Breeding Trio [Photos] Fred & Jeanette Beranger