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D                                                                   GRAND MASTER EXHIBITORS


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Adams, Scott      
Black Cochin Large Fowl  159    
Agler, Clell      
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 218    
Akers, Doug      
Black Sumatra Large Fowl 614    
Buff Orpington large Fowl 400    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 398    
Akers, Pete      
Buff Orpington Large Fowl 254    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 196    
Albritton, Tony      
SC White Leghorn Bantam 148    
Speckled Sussex 135    
White Plymouth Rock Bantam 108    
White Wyandotte Large Fowl 284    
Aldrich, Kim & Kendra      
Light Brahma Large Fowl 456    
Anderson, Dave      
Buff, Duck 148    
SC Rhode Island Red Large Lowl 108    
Anderson, Teresa      
Black Australorp Large Fowl 233    
BB Red Modern Bantam 116    
Birchen Modern Bantam 225    
Brown Red Modern Bantam 168    
Ashbrook, Paul      
Black East Indie 292    
Cayuga Duck 566    
Gray Call Duck 409    
Pilgrim Goose 223    
Speckled Sussex Large Fowl 418    
White Call Duck 162    
White Plymouth Rock Bantam 580    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 176    
White Runner Duck 318    
White Wyandotte Bantam 446    
Ashley, Anthony      
Dark Cornish Bantam 439    
Baker, Aaron      
Buckeye Large Fowl 416    
Baker, Carl      
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 112    
Ballard Farms      
Australorp Large Fowl 271    
Ballenger, Tim      
Black Langshan Large Fowl 200    
Barnes, Andy      
BB Red Old English Bantam 1236    
Black Old English Bantam 1054    
Bates, Jacob      
Black Muscovy Duck 414    
Brown African Goose 327    
SC Light Brown Leghorn Large Fowl 226    
SC Rhode Island Red Bantam 179    
Beamer's Poultry      
Light Brahma Bantam 173    
Beard, Carl      
Bronze Turkey 288    
Brown China Goose 117    
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 185    
Beaty, Steven      
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 399    
Becker, Michael      
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 174    
Bennett Family      
Black Rosecomb Bantam 373    
Best, Ed & Marjorie D      
White Cochin Bantam 101    
Beyer, George      
SC White Leghorn Bantam 721    
Bezok, Anthony F      
Black Old English Bantam 323    
Bickle, Bruce      
Black East Indie 302    
Black Rosecomb Bantam 162    
White Call Duck 190    
Botkin, Clayton      
Brown Chinese Goose 119    
Blankenship, Bud      
SC Dark Brown Leghorn Large Fowl 191    
Bonds, Jerry & Mary Ann      
Golden Sebright Bantam 344    
Silver Sebright Bantam 490    
Bowles, Tim      
Dark Cornish Bantam 100    
Pekin Duck 105    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 123    
Brown China 123    
Brett, Jan      
WC Black Polish Bantam 457    
Briggs, Robert      
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 148    
Britt, Terry      
Black Langshan Large Fowl 429    
Black Sumatra Large Fowl 220    
Gray Call Duck 218    
Rouen Duck 177    
White Call Duck 327    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 1378    
White Wyandotte Bantam 255    
Bucella, Paul D      
Black Cochin Bantam 185    
White Cochin Bantam 163    
Buffington, Carol      
Salmon Faverolle Large Fowl 155    
Bundy, Ken & Eve      
BB Red Aseel large Fowl 211    
BB Red Shamo Large Fowl 191    
Chocolate Muscovy 105    
Wheaten Aseel Large Fowl 112    
Burton, W.G.      
SC White Leghorn Bantam 144    
C-R Ducks      
Black Old English Bantam 126    
Rouen Duck 208    
White Call Duck 132    
Carey Bantams      
Silver Sebright Bantams 150    
Carr , Brenda      
White Call Duck 215    
Carroll, H. Craig      
Black Cochin Bantams 305    
Carson, James      
Gray Toulouse Goose 279    
Pearl Guinea 155    
White Runner Duck 324    
Carter, Clint      
White Call Duck 185    
Castle, Dan      
Black Australorp Large Fowl 381    
Castlebury, Bobby & Aileen      
BB Red Modern Bantam 286    
Birchen Modern Bantam 641    
Black Modern Bantam 280    
Brown Red Modern Bantam 216    
Golden Sebright Bantam 115    
Red Pyle Modern Bantam 156    
Chatelain, Curtis      
Birchen Modern Bantam 170    
Black Australorp Large Fowl 112    
Chung, Suzann      
BB Red Shamo Large Fowl 133    
Clow, Rodney      
Black Old English Bantam 100    
Collard, Greg      
White Wyandotte Bantam 152    
Collins, Wade      
White Call Duck 138    
Comer, Leisha      
Salmon Faverolle Bantam 213    
Salmon Faverolle Large Fowl 199    
Cramberg, Richard J      
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 213    
Cunningham, Gary      
Black Langshan Large Fowl 157    
Cunningham, Lewis      
Aylesbury Duck 130    
Gray Toulouse Goose 211    
Cunningham, Mark      
Black Cayuga 131    
Dean, Benny      
Black Old English Bantam 205    
Black Rosecomb 183    
Dean, Donald      
Black Old English Bantam 138    
DeLeehneer, Dudley      
Silver Sebright Bantam 184    
DeSchmidt, Jerry      
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 157    
Black Ameraucana Large Fowl 125    
Dillon, Annette      
Black Cayuga 119    
White Runner Duck 252    
Dooms, Mark & Jen      
Black Wyandotte Bantam 103    
White Call Duck 148    
Durgin, Tom      
Buff Orpington Large Fowl 100    
SC White Leghorn Bantam 120    
Dye, Larry      
Black Orpington Large Fowl 110    
Buff Orpington Large Fowl 211    
Light Brahma Large Fowl 212    
Pekin Duck 121    
White Wyandotte Large Fowl 362    
Endsley, Cierae      
White Call Duck 203    
Ennis, Dean      
Gray Call Duck 133    
Rouen Duck 236    
Farthing, Fred      
Buff Orpington Large Fowl 253    
Fegan, James      
Black Australorp Large Fowl 152    
Ferguson-Gadd, Kelsey      
Brown African Goose 238    
Brown China Goose 168    
Khaki Campbell Duck 134    
Flanagan, Lloyd      
SC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl 125    
Gadberry's Bantam      
SC Rhode Island Red Bantam 210    
White Plymouth Rock Bantam 227    
White Wyandotte Bantam 542    
Gantt, Judy      
Black Cochin Bantam 184    
White Cochin Bantam 148    
Gartman, Ryan      
Brown Africans Goose 176    
Giberson, Larry & Kathy      
Black Cochin Bantam 130    
Gibson, Jimmy      
Speckled Sussex Large Fowl 114    
Gilbert, Shirley      
Black East Indie 114    
Gladhill, Tim      
White Call Duck 241    
Glueckert, Elle      
Brown African Goose 113    
Brown China Goose 136    
White Runner Duck 109    
Gray, Gary      
White Runner Duck 165    
Gray, Tom      
Gray CallDuck 151    
White Call Duck 223    
Greer, Lacy      
SC Rhode Island Red Bantam 106    
Gromacki, Joseph      
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 230    
Halbach, Jeff      
White Wyandotte Bantam 348    
Halbach Poultry Farm      
White Plymouth Rock Bantam 280    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 439    
Hansen, Craig      
Black Cochin Bantam 205    
Hare, Rich      
Black Cayuga 167    
Black Rosecomb Bantam 1180    
Silver Laced Wyandotte Large Fowl 211    
White Pekin Duck 371    
White Wyandotte Large Fowl 194    
Harrington, Don      
White Call Duck 264    
Harris, Frank      
Black Langshan Large Fowl 115    
SC Black Minorca Large Fowl 225    
SC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl 130    
Hayes, Heather      
Birchen Modern Bantam 116    
Black Old English Bantam 176    
Henning, Joel      
WC Black Polish Bantam 355    
WC Black Polish Large Fowl 514    
Hicks, John      
BB Red Old English Bantam 133    
Black Old English Bantam 120    
Silver Sebright Bantam 110    
Hill , Tracy      
BB Red Old English Bantam 275    
Wheaten Old English Bantam 166    
White Old English Bantam 225    
Hitchings, Bret      
Black Langshan Large Fowl 193    
Hobbs, Darlene      
Buff Brahma Bantam 205    
Hoffman, Melinda      
White Sebastopol Goose 345    
Holt, Donald      
Black Cochin Bantam 199    
Hopkins, William      
SC White Leghorn Bantam 106    
Horton, Louis      
Black East Indie Duck 1026    
Gray Call Duck 469    
White Call Duck 176    
House of Champions      
Black Old English Bantam 108    
Black East Indie Duck 375    
Gray Call Duck 406    
SC White Leghorn Bantam 236    
White Call Duck 319    
Hudson, Bud      
Black Langshan Large Fowl 142    
Blue Langshan Large Fowl 153    
RC White Leghorn Bantam 246    
SC White Leghorn Bantam 526    
White Langshan Large Fowl 168    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 1162    
Huffman, Floyd      
White Laced Red Cornish Large Fowl 330    
Isgrigg, Rose Marie
Bronze Turkey 227    
Jonas, Dwayne & Melody      
BB Red Old English Bantamn 106    
Dark Cornish Bantam 238    
Dark Cornish Large Fowl 451    
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 122    
Silver Sebright Bantam 165    
White Cornish Bantam 103    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 185    
Jones, Don & Leslie      
Australorp Large Fowl 335    
Bearded White Silkie 596    
White Call Duck 477    
Jones, Troy      
Black Muscovy Duck 120    
Joseph, Frank      
Black Sumatra Large Fowl 110    
White Runner Duck 246    
Justice , Brian K      
Buff Cochin Large Fowl 145    
Kane's Feathered Friends      
Birchen Modern Game 180    
Black Modern Bantam 147    
Barred Plymouth Rock Bantam 135    
BB Red Modern Bantam 151    
Red Pyle Modern Bantam 122    
Karasek, Donnie J      
White Cornish Bantam 100    
Keith, Rohrs S.      
Dark Cornish Large Fowl 240    
Kelly, Thomas E      
White Runner Ducks 100    
Kernan, Tom      
Black Sumatra Bantam 202    
Black Sumatra Large Fowl 534    
Blue Sumatra Large Fowl 125    
Brown African Goose 737    
Kershaw's Waterfowl      
Black Cayuga 427    
Pilgrim Goose 519    
Koedatich, Jackie & Vanessa      
Buff Brahma Bantam 179    
Konecny, James      
Aylesbury Duck 251    
Gray Toulouse Goose 195    
Pekin Duck 185    
Rouen Duck 258    
White Runner Duck 155    
Krueger, Bill      
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 101    
Kutch, Eric      
Bearded White Silkie 230    
Lacey, Pat      
White Cochin Bantam 740    
Laroche , Troy      
Birchen Modern Bantam 204    
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 101    
Laviolette, Bruce      
White Plymouth Rock Bantam 140    
Lawrence , Larry      
SC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl 105    
Lewis, Brian      
White Plymouth Rock Bantam 113    
Loecker, Reynold      
Black Old English Bantam 127    
SC Rhode Island Red Bantam 148    
SC White Leghorn Bantam 192    
Lund Poultry      
Sebastopol Goose 192    
Lundgren, Art      
Black East Indie 496    
Black Old English Bantam 106    
Black Wyandotte Bantam 192    
Gray Call Duck 648    
Light Brahma Large Fowl 240    
White Call Duck 1625    
White Wyandotte Bantam 276    
Lyons, Jesse      
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 136    
M & J Farm      
Black Ameraucana Large Fowl 271    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 178    
MacLeod, John Robert      
Embden Goose 123    
Mahaffrey, Neil      
Blue Old English Bantam 109    
Mahlums Waterfowl      
White Call Duck 401    
Marsinko, Andrew      
Black Langshan Large Fowl 105    
Black Muscovy 148    
Black Runner 250    
Brown African Goose 110    
Brown China Goose 344    
Buff American Goose 136    
Buff Saddle Back Pomeranian Goose 111    
Gray Call Duck 161    
Gray Saddleback Pomeranian Goose 103    
Narragansett Turkey 123    
Pearl Guinea 136    
Pilgrim Goose 101    
White Call Duck 207    
White Runner Duck 139    
Maxwell, J.E.      
White Runner Duck 159    
Mayer, Bill      
Black East Indie 260    
Black Orpington Large Fowl 161    
Black Sumatra Large Fowl 676    
Mazur, Joe      
Black Cochin Bantam 671    
White Cochin Bantam447      
McAfee, Lonnie      
Black Rosecom Bantam 368    
McCarty, Jerry      
Black Old English Bantam 266    
Dark Cornish Bantam 753    
White Cornish Bantam 397    
White Plymouth Rock Bantam 302    
White Wyandotte Bantam 173    
McCary, Christopher      
Black LaFleche Large Fowl 151    
Mehler, Sharon      
White Faverolle Large Fowl 152    
Meyer, Roger      
Partridge Wyandotte Bantam 277    
Miller, James      
Birchen Modern Bantam 237    
Brown Red Modern Bantam 155    
Red Pyle Modern Bantam 328    
Miller, Ken & Bernita      
Black Cochin Bantam      
Miller, Mike      
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 108    
Milliman, Pete      
Black Cayuga 205    
Monaco, John      
SC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl 142    
SC White Leghorn Bantam 130    
WC Black Polish Large Fowl 551    
White Orpington Large Fowl 225    
Monke, Donald R.      
Black Australorp Large Fowl 110    
Monk's Poultry      
White Call Duck 262    
Monteith, Paul      
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 262    
Morey, LeRoy      
Gray Call Duck 261    
White all Duck 652    
Myers, Dennis      
SC Rhode Island Red large Fowl 290    
Nelisse, Mark      
Black Cayuga 180    
Brown African Goose 285    
Nelsen, Erik      
Silver Spangled Hamburg Large Fowl 143    
Nelson, Donald      
SC Rhode Island Red Bantam 272    
SC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl 288    
SC White Leghorn Bantam 125    
Noel, Harvey      
lack Langshan Large Fowl 504    
Noorlander, Kevin      
Australorp Large Fowl 152    
Black Sumatra Large Fowl 163    
Brown African Goose 192    
Rouen Duck 274    
White Wyandotte Bantam 106    
Oakes, Curtis      
American Buff Goose 160    
Black Cayuga Duck 250    
Brown China Goose 865    
Buff American Goose 147    
Khaki Campbell Duck 295    
Pekin Duck 126    
White Runner Duck 202    
Oakes, Elana      
Black Cayuga 143    
White Call Duck 137    
Oakes, Greg      
Bronze Turkey 146    
Gray Saddleback Pomeranian Goose 322    
Light Brahma Large Fowl 119    
Royal Palm Turkey 123    
Omega Blue Farms      
Bronze Turkey 298    
Brown African Goose218      
Overton, Gary      
Gray Toulouse Goose 137    
Speckled Sussex Large Fowl 365    
Padgett, Danny & Norma      
Black Muscovy Duck 597    
Blue Muscovy Duck 211    
Narragansett Turkey 120    
Rouen Duck 130    
White Laced Red Cornish Large Fowl 150    
Pals, Bart      
White Plymouth Rock Bantam 105    
Patterson, Jonathan      
Salmon Faverolle Large Fowl 168    
White Wyandotte Large Fowl 438    
Patterson, William      
Black Rosecomb Bantam 1382    
Peterson, Larry & Mark      
lack Cochin Bantam 1238    
Buff Cochine Large Fowl 558    
Light Brahma Large Fowl 1064    
Pilkerton, J.E.      
Black Langshan Large Fowl 157    
Pimental,  Rick      
New Hampshire Large Fowl 119    
Plumer, Katherine      
Black Rosecomb Bantam 220    
Porr, Rick      
Bearded White Polish Bantam 330    
WC Black Polish Bantam 357    
Powell, S. Robert      
Partridge Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 205    
Primeau, Michelle      
White Runner Duck 135    
Rademacher, Adrian J      
SC Black Minorca large Fowl 1316    
SC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl 695    
White Wyandotte Bantam 160    
Reese, Frank R Jr      
Bronze Turkey 219    
Gray Toulouse Goose 160    
Narragansett Turkey 143    
Rouen Duck 176    
Rhodes, Robert H
Black Cochin Bantam 187    
Riddle , Bridge      
Silver Spangled Hamburg Large Fowl 148    
WF Black Spanish Large Fowl 154    
Rieber, Arthur      
Speckled Sussex Large Fowl 129    
Robinson, Bruce      
White Cochin Bantam 130    
Roebuck, Tom      
Black Cochin Bantam 397    
Roscoe, Donald      
Black Cayuga 281    
Brown African Goose 154    
Rouen Duck 195    
Rossman, Gary      
Australorp Large Fowl 373     
Nate Rynish      
White Tufted Roman Geese 114    
Sallee, Jim & Bonnie      
Birchen Modern Bantam 588    
Brown Red Modern Bantam 180    
Buff Orpington Large Fowl 206    
SC White Leghorn Bantam 367    
White Wyandotte Bantam 147    
Sanderford, Dwight      
Dark Cornish Bantam 155    
Sando, Robert      
Pearl Guinea 162    
Sandoe, William      
Brown African Goose 226    
Gray Toulouse Goose 276    
White Leghorn 181    
SC White Leghorn Bantam 161    
SC White Leghorn Large Fowl 674     
Silver Sebright Bantam 178    
Schock, Richard      
Black Jersey Giant Large Fowl 103    
Black Langshan Large Fowl 193    
Black Minorca Large Fowl 115    
Black Muscovy Duck 186    
Black Sumatra Bantam 195    
Black Sumatra Large Fowl 1045    
Bronze Turkey 196    
Embden Goose 186    
Narragansett Turkey 112    
SC Black Minorca Large Fowl 343    
Sebastianelli, Rico      
Black Cochin Bantam 211    
See, Glenn A      
Bearded White Silkie Bantam 150    
Shafer, Kraig      
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 165    
Shelton, Bryan      
White Wyandotte Large Fowl 189    
Sherman, Bruce      
Black Australorp Large Fowl 385    
White Plymouth Rock Bantam 216    
Sherman, Bruce & Lowell      
Black Australorp Large Fowl 667    
Buff Brahma Bantam 200    
White Plymouth Rock Bantam 1034    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 220    
Shier, Clare      
Black Cayuga Duck 116    
Blue & White Magpie 128    
Smith, James E      
Black Langshan Large Fowl 335    
Black Sumatra Large Fowl 259    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 315    
White Wyandotte Bantam 184    
Smith, Paul & Angela      
Black Ameraucana Large Fowl 169    
Sorensen, Andrea      
Black Cochin Large Fowl 148    
Spencer, Mike      
Buff Brahma Bantam 185    
Spitler, Thomas      
Black Old English Bantam 137    
Stevens, Dick      
Silver Spangled Hamburg Large Fowl 220    
Stichler, Mike      
Dominique Large Fowl 158    
Strawn, Max      
Black Ameraucana large Fowl 152    
Streeter, Shawn      
Black East Indie Duck 140    
Rouen Duck 229    
Sugar Hill Poultry      
Light Brahma Bantam 497    
Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam 362    
Takahashi, Frank      
Black Langshan Large Fowl 159    
Buff Orpington large Fowl 181    
Tanis Poultry      
White Runner Duck 193    
Taylor,  Leif      
Black East Indie 111    
Thoreson, Kraig      
Pearl Guinea 400    
Lavender Guinea 113    
Tripp, Kyle      
Black Old English Bantam 141    
White Call Duck 103    
Trombley, Ramona      
Black Australorp Large Fowl 182    
Troxell, Kathy      
WC Black Plish Bantam 220    
Turedson, Doddie      
White Cochin Bantam 134    
Ulrich, Matt      
Black Australorp Large Fowl 203    
SC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl 154    
Urch, Duane & Phyllis      
Narragansett Turkey 570    
WC Black Polish Large Fowl 160    
White Runner Duck 100    
Volk, Jim      
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 586    
Waters, Steve      
White Aracauna large Fowl 221    
Watson, Merle      
White Wyandotte Bantam 246    
White Wyandotte large Fowl 365    
Watts, Allen J      
SC Light Brown Leghorn Large Fowl 240    
Weer, Dianne      
SC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl 178    
White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl 248    
West, William R      
Buff Cochin large Fowl 447    
Wieser, Paul      
White Chantecler 107    
Wild, Carolyn      
White Runner Duck 26    
Wild Plum Waterfowl      
Black Cayuga Duck 152    
Black Muscovy Duck 152    
Brown China Goose 470    
Buff American Goose 188    
Egyptian Goose 145    
Wiley, Jerry      
Black Australorp Large Fowl 332    
Williamson, Danny      
Black Spanish 137    
Dark Brahma Large Fowl 216    
White Call Duck 199    
Wilson, Agnes      
SC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl 131    
Wilson, Gary      
Black Cochin Large Fowl 115    
White Cochin Bantam 120    
Wilson Doerflein, Jean      
Pearly Guinea 320    
Rouen Duck 203    
Wilson, Mary      
White Orpington Large Fowl 195    
Wojtkowiak, Steven      
Buff Brahma Bantam 210    
Woodall, Darwin      
Black Sumatra Large Fowl 100    
Wulff, Bill      
BB red Old English Bantam 353    
Black Old English Bantam 864    
Red Pyle Modern Large Fowl 289    
Red Pyle Old English Bantam 320    
Zillich, Fred
Buff American Goose 129  
Zimmerman, Jim & Patti      
Black Cayuga 179  
Black East Indie Duck 218  
Black Muscovy Duck 166  
Brown African Goose 480  
Gray Call Duck 307  
Gray Toulouse Goose 332  
White Call Duck 1271  
White Runner Duck 342    
White Sebastopol Goose 584    

Glueckert, Elle    


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