Most forms, including our new show report can now be filled out online and submitted via email to the show secretary.  You can still print off the forms , fill them in manually and submit them via normal mail if you so choose.

For those wanting to fill out forms online, please be advised you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  At the moment, the newest version of Adobe Reader software is version DC  If you are running an older version of Adobe Reader you will not be able to open and use the forms.  Please download the newest version here  ADOBE READER.  It is free and a very fast download. 

If you are running Windows XP or Windows Vista please be advised Microsoft is no longer supporting these operating systems and you may still have issues using the online forms.  Please visit the Adobe website for troubleshooting tips.

How to submit a form: If you are using Internet Explorer

After filling out our online forms, you can hit the submit button.  You will then be given an option to use your 'default email client' or 'webmail client'.   If you use Outlook, or MS Mail,  your software program will open up and your form will be attached and all you need do is hit the send button.  If you do not have a default mail client and use webmail, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo... you will need to SAVE the form to your desktop. Then login to your webmail, open a new email and ATTACH the PDF form that you wish to mail.  I always recommend saving it to your desktop as its very easy to find there.

How to submit a form: If you are using Microsoft Edge

Fillable forms will NOT WORK if you are using Microsoft Edge as your browser.  The latest Win10 update has installed Edge as a default browser on most computers.  You can go in to settings and CHANGE your default browser back to IE and this will solve the problem

How to submit a form: If you are using Chrome

Chrome decided recently to no longer support browser plug-ins like the Adobe PDF viewer. You can open the form and fill it in, but the submit button will not work. The best work around is to download the form, save it to your desktop and then open it in Adobe Reader and it should work just fine.  For those who are tech savvy,  you can go into the Chrome settings, go to content, and under Protected Content you will see the PDF plug in, you can then disable it and this will FORCE the form to download automatically to your Adobe Reader.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me