APA – Associate/Club Membership

Club Name2020 Show report received2019 Show report received
Abilene Poultry Association11/25/2019
Acton Ag Society11/9/2019
Allen Co. Agr. Soc.
Amarillo Bantam Club9/25/2019
Ameraucana Alliance
Ameraucana Breeders Club
American Buckeye Poultry Club
American Large Fowl Association
Ancaster Fair9/30/2019
Anderson Bantam Club11/20/2019
Apache County Fair/4 Corners Poultry Association11/12/2019
Arizona State Fair
Ark Okla State Fair
Arkansas State Fair10/21/2019
Arrowsmith Ag Assoc8/22/2019
Backwoods Poultry Association3/20/20203/21/2019
Beaver Pigeon & Bantam Club12/6/2019
Boone County 4-H Poultry Club10/30/2019
Boston Poultry Exposition, Inc.12/2/2019
Brant Co. Poultry, Pigeon & Rabbit Club9/6/2019
Brazos Valley Poultry Club1/13/20206/27/2019
Brown County Poultry & Pigeon Association9/19/2019
Buckeye Fancy Feather Club
Buffalo & WNY Poultry Association
Caddo River Poultry Club4/3/2019
Calhoun County Expo Center Poultry Club11/3/2019
California Exposition & State Fair
Camp Creek Poultry Association3/26/2019
Canadian Heritage Breeds11/3/2019
Canadian Valley Poultry Club9/16/20202/25/2019 & 9/11/2020
Cape Fear Poultry Association3/7/202011/6/2019
Carroll County Fair9/7/2019
Cascade Spring Show3/19/2020
Central Coast Feather Fanciers
Central Florida Poultry Breeders Assoc.6/5/202012/09/2019
Central Heritage Poultry6/15/2019
Central Illinois Poultry Club12/19/2019
Central Louisiana Poultry Club4/12/2019
Central Maine Bird Fanciers, Inc.10/26/2019
Central New Jersey Poultry Fanciers
Central Pennsylvania Avian Club7/25/2019
Central Washington Fair
Chattahoochee Valley Poultry Assoc.5/9/2019
Chilliwack District Agricultural Society
Clakamas County Fair
Clark County Fair Association9/23/2019
Cluck and Quack Poultry Club12/27/2019
Club des Patits Animaux des Bois Francs
Cocke County A & I Fair10/30/2019
Colorado Poultry Association11/27/2019
Colorado State Fair & Exposition8/26/2019
Columbia River Poultry Exhibitors4/1/2020
Comanche Crossroads5/20/2019 & 11/23/2019
Comox Valley Exhibition Association
Connecticut Poultry Breeders7/17/2019
Coulee Region Poultry Club6/22/2019
Cowichan Community 4-H Club7/26/2019
Cowichan Valley Feather Fanciers12/26/2019
Cowlitz County Fair9/3/2019
Crawford County Fair Association8/26/2019
Dallas Ag & Natural Resources
Dayton Fancy Feather Club10/16/2019
Delmarva Poultry Fanciers Club4/4/2019
Denver County Fair10/18/2019
Dixie Classic Fair11/1/2019
Eastern Idaho State Fair
Eastern Kentucky Poultry Assoc12/30/2019
Eastern New York State Poultry Assoc.12/10/2019
Elgin Middlesex Poultry & Pet Stock Association5/28/2019
Erie County Agricultural Society1/31/2020
Evergreen State Fair9/4/2019
Expo Lachute Fair7/29/2019
Expo Ormstown9/4/2019
Fancy Feathers 4-H4/15/20204/25/2019
Farmington Fair
Fayette County Country Fair9/25/2019
Feathered Friends 4-H Club
Finger Lakes Feather Club11/1/2019
Flamborough Fur & Feather Fanciers10/18/2019
Florida Poultry Fanciers Association1/17/20201/14/2019
Florida State Fair Authority3/2/2019
Forsyth Fowl Fanciers12/21/2019
Fraser Valley Poultry Fanciers Assn.11/26/2019
Fredericksburg Ag Fair8/12/2019
Friendship Poultry Club4/15/2019
Gila Valley Poultry Club3/31/2019
Gold Coast Poultry Fanciers2/12/2019
Gold Rush Fowl Assoc.
Graham County Fair
Greater CA Society of Poultry Fanciers
Greater Moncton Fur & Feather Club11/1/2019
Green Mountain Poultry Show5/30/2019
Green River Poultry Club10/10/2019
Griffin/Griffith Show
Heart of America Bantam Club, Inc.4/15/2019
Heart of Dixie Poultry Club5/5/2019 & 3/10/2020
Heart of the Ozarks Poultry5/8/2019 & 11/23/2019
Heartland Classic Poultry Club
High Desert Feather Fanciers6/24/2019
Hobby Farmers of America, the Sweetwater Chapter
Home & Landscaping Show in Colorado Springs1/23/2019
Humboldt County Fair
Humboldt Poultry Fanciers Association3/14/2020
Huron County Poultry, Pigeon & Pet Assn.9/14/2019
Illinois State Fair8/18/2019
Indiana State Fair8/22/2019
Iowa State Fair
Isle of Wight County Fair
Jefferson Co Fair Assoc10/08/2019
Josephine County Fair
Kansas State Fair10/15/2019
Kentucky State Fair9/3/2019
Kingston & Dist. Poultry & Pet Stock9/1/2019
Klein FFA Alumni11/19/2019
Lane County Fair
Last Frontier poultry Assoc10/29/2019
Lawrence Co. Poultry Club (AL)1/6/2020
Lebanon Area Fair8/17/2019
Lebanon Valley Poultry Fanciers11/30/2019
Leftovers 4-H Club4/20/2019
Little Rhody Poultry Fanciers10/27/2019
Lorain County Fair9/7/2019
Los Angeles County Fair
Luxton Fair
Marans Chicken Club USA
Marion Co. Fair Assoc.7/25/2019
McHenry County Fair
Michigan Poultry Fanciers11/13/2019
Millarville Agricultural Soc.
Minnesota State Fair8/30/2019
Minnesota State Poultry Association11/23/2019
Missouri State Fair8/28/20209/6/2019
Missouri State Poultry Assoication11/19/2019
Modern Game Bantam Club
Moon City Poultry Club6/17/2019
National Heirloom Exposition
National Sebastopol Geese Assoc
National Western Stock Show2/2/2019
Nebraska State Fair
Nebraska State Poultry Association12/26/2019
New Brunswick Purebred Poultry Association12/19/2019
New England Bantam Club5/16/2019 & 1/8/2020
New Hampshire Poultry Fanciers Assn.
New Mexico State Fair9/25/2019
New York State Fair9/28/2019
Newcastle Poultry Association
Nor-Cal Poultry Fanciers
Norfolk Poultry, Pigeon & Pet Stock Assoc11/17/2019
North & South Saanich Agricultural Soc.9/1/2019
North Carolina State Fair11/3/2019
North Central Alberta Poultry2/17/2019
North Idaho fairgrounds6/11/2019
North Iowa Poultry Assoc.
North Louisiana Poultry Club1/13/2020
North Woods Poultry Fanciers
Northeast Georgia Poultry Fanciers
Northeastern Poultry Congress2/6/20201/21/2019
Northern Minnesota Poultry Association
Northern Nevada Poultry Fanciers1/25/2019
Northern New England Bird Fanciers
Northern New York Poultry Fanciers9/28/2019
Northwest Washington Fair Assoc.
Nova Scotia Purebred Poultry Assoc.11/26/2019
Ohio Poultry Breeders Association12/10/2019
Ohio State Fair8/12/2019
Oklahoma State Poultry Federation1/16/2020
Old Dominion Poultry Association
Ontario Poultry Breeders & Acton Ag Society11/9/2019
Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center11/3/2019
Orillia & Dist. Agr. Society
Owen Sound Poultry, Pigeon & Pet Assn10/26/2019
Ozark Empire Fair8/21/2019
PA Farm Show1/28/20201/22/2019
Pacific Coast Bantam Club
Pacific Poultry Breeders Association
Panhandle-South Plains Fair Association10/10/2019
PE Island Purebred Poultry Assn
Peachstate Poultry Association2/7/2019
Pearl River Classic1/28/20203/11/2019
Peavey Mart AB Prov Poultry & Pigeon1/21/2019
Permian Basin Fair & Exposition9/13/2019
Pikes Peak Poultry Assoiation3/18/2019
Pima County Fair
Queretaro Show-Mexico
Red Hill Bantam Club1/6/2020
Red River Bantam Club11/26/2019
Red Stick Bantam Club11/21/219
Redvers Small Animal and Bird Organiztion11/25/2019
Redwood Acres Fair
Rochester Poultry Association11/6/2019
Rocky Mountain Feather Fanciers11/19/2019
Rocky Mountain Poultry Association10/21/2019
Salinas Valley Fair
Santa Cruz County Fair10/10/2019
Sarnia Poultry Club1/3/2020
Saulk Trail Poultry Club6/25/2019
SE Ohio Poultry Breeders4/8/2019
Sonoma County Fair
South Arkansas Poultry Club4/18/2019
South Carolina State Fair
South Central TX Poultry Classic
South Dakota Poultry Fanciers9/7/2019
South Mississippi Poultry Club1/11/2020
South Mountain Fair - PA Farm Show1/13/20201/22/2019
South Plains Bantam Association3/20/20203/16/2019
South Texas State Fair3/26/2019
Southeast Arkansas District Fair10/18/2019
Southwest Washington Fair8/30/2019
Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show1/31/2019
St John Exhibition
State Fair of Texas12/03/2019
Sussex County Poultry Fanciers6/3/2019
Tennessee State Fair
Tennessee Valley Fair1/15/2020
Tennessee Valley Poultry Club1/6/2020
The Marans Club
The Sweetheart Show4/1/2019
Tucson Poultry, Pigeon & Fancy Fowl Club12/21/2019
Tulsa State Fair1/11/2020
Twin Tier Poultry Club9/25/2019
Uniontown Poultry & Farm Products Assn.11/2/2019
Upper Peninsula State Fair9/18/2019
Utah Fancy Poultry Association10/15/2019
Utah State Fair3/31/202010/16/2019
Valley Fanciers - Nova Scotia5/18/2019
Vancouver Island Exhibition
Vermillion Agricultural Society8/05/2019
Vernon Pigeon & Poultry Club11/4/2019
Virginia Poultry Breeders Association
Virginia State Fair
Washington Feather Fanciers11/08/2019
Washington State Fair10/17/2019
West Central Ohio Poultry Club10/15/2019
West Ctrl WI Pigeon & Poultry Club, Inc.
West Florida Poultry Club
West Niagara Agri So9/10/2019
West Oxford Agriculture Society
West Texas Fair & Rodeo5/22/20205/22/2020
Western Idaho Fair
Western Reserve Poultry Club6/22/2019
White River Poultry Club10/08/2019
Whiteside County Fair8/22/2019
Will County Fair9/3/2019
Wilson County Fair
Windsor Fair
Wisconsin International Poultry Club12/10/2019
Wisconsin State Fair10/1/2019
York County Poultry Fanciers Association11/19/2019