Newly Added to Standard

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 Breed or VarietyDate Accepted
Bearded Self Blue Silkie Bantam
Were admitted prior to this but erroneously left out of the printed Standard.
Ginger Red Modern Game Bantams12/10/2010
Wheaten Malay Male
May 2017
Wheaten Shamo MaleMay 2017
Barnvelder – RevisedMay 2017
Black Breasted Red PhoenixSeptember 2017
Buff African Goose11/17/2018
Black Breasted Red Rosecomb BantamApril 2019
Buff Columbian Cochin BantamsApril 2019
Lemon Blue Cochin BantamsApril 2019
Black Marans01/25/2020
Self Blue Ameraucana01/25/2020