Hall of Fame

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*Denotes deceased members

Akers, Doug572012
Albritton, Tony532010
Ashbrook, Rev. Paul242000
Barnes Bantams272001
Bates, Jacob672016
Beard, Carl442007
Beauford, Forrest*61996
Bennett Family 712018
Beyer George792020
Bickle, Bruce602013
Bowles, Tim and Susan161999
Bowman, William*372005
Britt, Terry41995
Carson, James582012
Castlebury, (Bobby*) and Aileen322003
Dye, Larry482008
Fosbrink, Carl*141998
Gadberry's Bantams642014
Gudahl, Tom and Cindy512009
Halbach Poultry Farm*422006
Hare, Rick452007
Hawkins Poultry382005
Hayes, Heather652014
Henning, Joel612013
Hertling, Lee and Cindy342003
Hill Tracy822020
Hodum, Charlie492008
Horton, Lou181999
House of Champions462007
Hudson, Buddy*202000
Jonas, Dwayne & Melody592012
Jones & (Leonard*)151998
Jones, Don and Leslie31995
Jones, Steve*352003
Joseph, Frank302001
Kane's Feathered Friends 722018
Kernan, Tom522009
Kershaw's Waterfowl 732018
Konency, James682016
LaGerould, Chris432006
Loecker, Reynold622013
Lundgren, Art71996
Marsinko, Andy101997
Mayer, Bill131998
Mazur, Joe542010
McCarty, Jerry212000
Miller, James692017
Mills Clay & Laura782019
Monaco, John171999
Morey LeRoy802020
Noel, Lyle*51996
Noorlander, Kevin552010
Oakes, Curtis81997
Oakes, Gregory702017
Omega Blue Farms 742018
Padgett, Danny502008
Patterson, William L.472007
Peterson, (Larry*) and Mark21995
Postma, Dale*332003
Prairie Song Poultry632013
Rademacher, Adrian J.262001
Rieber, Arthur292001
Roebuck Tom812020
Roscoe, Donald282001
Ryan, C. William*232000
Sallee Jim & Bonnie762019
Sandoe, William562010
Schock, Richard252001
Sheraw, C. Darrel*392006
Sherman, Bruce772019
Sherman, Bruce and (Lowell*)191999
Sjorgen Brothers*91997
Smith, James E402006
Stauffer, Wilbur*11995
Sugar Hill Poultry662014
Twin Cedar Farm222000
Twisted Feather Farms412006
Urch, Duane and Phyllis111997
Watson Merle752018
Wild Plum Waterfowl312001
Wulff, Bill121997
Zimmerman, Jim and Patti362003