Grand Master Exhibitors

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ExhibitorBreed & VarietySum of Total Points
Adams ScottBlack Cochin Large Fowl181
Agler ClellSC White Leghorn Large Fowl235
Akers DougBlack Sumatra Large Fowl726
Akers DougBuff Orpington Large Fowl400
Akers DougWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl446
Akers PeteBuff Orpington Large Fowl254
Akers PeteWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl196
Albritton TonySC White Leghorn Bantam148
Albritton TonySpeckled Sussex135
Albritton TonyWhite Plymouth Rock Bantam108
Albritton TonyWhite Wyandotte Large Fowl284
Aldrich Kim & KendraLight Brahma Large Fowl456
Anderson DaveBuff Duck148
Anderson DaveSC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl108
Anderson TeresaBlack Australorp Large Fowl252
Anderson TomBB Red Modern Bantam116
Anderson TomBirchen Modern Bantam225
Anderson TomBrown Red Modern Bantam168
Ashbrook PaulBlack East Indie Duck321
Ashbrook PaulCayuga Duck566
Ashbrook PaulGray Call Duck413
Ashbrook PaulPilgrim Goose223
Ashbrook PaulSpeckled Sussex Large Fowl418
Ashbrook PaulWhite Call Duck162
Ashbrook PaulWhite Plymouth Rock Bantam580
Ashbrook PaulWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl176
Ashbrook PaulWhite Runner Duck318
Ashbrook PaulWhite Wyandotte Bantam446
Ashley AnthonyDark Cornish Bantam460
Baker AaronBuckeye Large Fowl416
Baker CarlSC White Leghorn Large Fowl114
Ballard Farms Australorp Large Fowl271
Ballenger TimBlack Langshan Large Fowl246
Barnes AndyBB Red Old English Bantam1236
Barnes AndyBlack Old English Bantam1059
Bates JacobBlack Muscovy Duck458
Bates JacobBrown African Goose408
Bates JacobSC Light Brown Leghorn Large Fowl296
Bates JacobSC Rhode Island Red Bantam229
Beamer's PoultryLight Brahma Bantam195
Beard CarlBronze Turkey295
Beard CarlBrown China Goose118
Beard CarlSC White Leghorn Large Fowl185
Beaty StevenSC White Leghorn Large Fowl399
Becker MichaelSC White Leghorn Large Fowl174
Bennett Family Black Rosecomb Bantam487
Best Ed & Marjorie DWhite Cochin Bantam101
Beyer GeorgeSC White Leghorn Bantam792
Bezok Anthony F.Black Old English Bantam323
Bickle BruceBlack East Indie Duck402
Bickle BruceBlack Rosecomb Bantam162
Bickle BruceSC Light Brown Leghorn Large Fowl128
Bickle BruceWhite Call Duck192
Blankenship BudSC Dark Brown Leghorn Large Fowl193
Bonds Jerry & Mary AnnGolden Sebright Bantam349
Bonds Jerry & Mary AnnSilver Sebright Bantam500
Bowles TimBrown China Goose123
Bowles TimDark Cornish Bantam100
Bowles TimPekin Duck105
Bowles TimWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl123
Brett JanWC Black Polish Bantam500
Briggs RobertSC White Leghorn Large Fowl148
Britt TerryBlack Langshan Large Fowl429
Britt TerryBlack Sumatra Large Fowl220
Britt TerryGray Call Duck218
Britt TerryRouen Duck177
Britt TerryWhite Call Duck336
Britt TerryWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl1383
Britt TerryWhite Wyandotte Bantam287
Bucella Paul D.Black Cochin Bantam185
Bucella Paul D.White Cochin Bantam163
Buffington CarolSalmon Faverolle Large Fowl155
Bundy Ken & EveBB Red Aseel Large Fowl211
Bundy Ken & EveBB Red Shamo Large Fowl191
Bundy Ken & EveChocolate Muscovy105
Bundy Ken & EveWheaten Aseel Large Fowl112
Burton W. G.SC White Leghorn Bantam144
C - R Ducks Black Old English Bantam128
C - R Ducks Rouen Duck208
C - R Ducks White Call Duck132
Carey Bantams Silver Sebright Bantam219
Carr BrendaWhite Call Duck215
Carroll H. CraigBlack Cochin Bantam305
Carson JamesGray Toulouse Goose279
Carson JamesPearl Guinea157
Carson JamesWhite Runner Duck324
Carter ClintWhite Call Duck185
Castle DanBlack Australorp Large Fowl446
Castlebury Bobby & AileenBB Red Modern Bantam286
Castlebury Bobby & AileenBirchen Modern Bantam641
Castlebury Bobby & AileenBlack Modern Bantam280
Castlebury Bobby & AileenBrown Red Modern Bantam216
Castlebury Bobby & AileenGolden Sebright Bantam115
Castlebury Bobby & AileenRed Pyle Modern Bantam156
Chatelain CurtisBirchen Modern Bantam178
Chatelain CurtisBlack Australorp Large Fowl143
Chung SuzannBB Red Shamo Large Fowl133
Clow RodneyBlack Old English Bantam100
Collard GregWhite Wyandotte Bantam154
Collins WadeWhite Call Duck148
Comer LeishaSalmon Faverolle Bantam218
Comer LeishaSalmon Faverolle Large Fowl225
Cramberg Richard J.SC White Leghorn Large Fowl213
Cunningham GaryBlack Langshan Large Fowl157
Cunningham LewisAylesbury Duck130
Cunningham LewisGray Toulouse Goose211
Cunningham MarkBlack Cayuga170
Dean BennyBlack Old English Bantam205
Dean BennyBlack Rosecomb267
Dean DonaldBlack Old English Bantam138
DeLeehneer DudleySilver Sebright Bantam184
DeSmidt JerrySC White Leghorn Large Fowl157
Dillon AnnetteBlack Cayuga130
Dillon AnnetteWhite Runner Duck252
Dooms Mark & JenBlack Wyandotte Bantam105
Dooms Mark & JenWhite Call Duck160
Durgin TomBuff Orpington Large Fowl100
Durgin TomSC White Leghorn Bantam120
Dye LarryBlack Orpington Large Fowl110
Dye LarryBuff Orpington Large Fowl219
Dye LarryLight Brahma Large Fowl212
Dye LarryPekin Duck121
Dye LarryWhite Wyandotte Large Fowl362
Endsley CieraeWhite Call Duck203
Ennis DeanGray Call Duck133
Ennis DeanRouen Duck256
Farthing FredBuff Orpington Large Fowl255
Fegan JamesBlack Australorp Large Fowl152
Ferguson-Gadd KelseyBrown African Goose238
Ferguson-Gadd KelseyBrown China Goose175
Ferguson-Gadd KelseyKhaki Campbell Duck134
Flanagan LloydSC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl138
Gadberry's Bantams SC Rhode Island Red Bantam210
Gadberry's Bantams White Plymouth Rock Bantam227
Gadberry's Bantams White Wyandotte Bantam542
Gantt JudyBlack Cochin Bantam184
Gantt JudyWhite Cochin Bantam148
Gartman RyanBrown African Goose176
Giberson Larry & KathyBlack Cochin Bantam130
Gibson JimmySpeckled Sussex Large Fowl114
Gilbert ShirleyBlack East Indie Duck114
Gladhill TimWhite Call Duck281
Glueckert ElleBrown African Goose113
Glueckert ElleBrown China Goose136
Glueckert ElleWhite Runner Duck109
Gray GaryWhite Runner Duck165
Gray TomGray Call Duck151
Gray TomWhite Call Duck223
Greer LacySC Rhode Island Red Bantam106
Gromacki JosephSC White Leghorn Large Fowl230
Halbach JeffWhite Wyandotte Bantam348
Halbach Poultry Farm White Plymouth Rock Bantam280
Halbach Poultry Farm White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl439
Hansen CraigBlack Cochin Bantam218
Hare RickBlack Cayuga208
Hare RickBlack Rosecomb Bantam1194
Hare RickSilver Laced Wyandotte Large Fowl211
Hare RickWhite Pekin Duck411
Hare RickWhite Wyandotte Large Fowl210
Harrington DonWhite Call Duck313
Harris FrankBlack Langshan Large Fowl115
Harris FrankSC Black Minorca Large Fowl225
Harris FrankSC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl130
Hayes HeatherBirchen Modern Bantam141
Hayes HeatherBlack Old English Bantam188
Henning JoelWC Black Polish Bantam355
Henning JoelWC Black Polish Large Fowl514
Hicks JohnBB Red Old English Bantam133
Hicks JohnBlack Old English Bantam120
Hicks JohnSilver Sebright Bantam110
Hill TracyBB Red Old English Bantam356
Hill TracyWheaten Old English Bantam168
Hill TracyWhite Old English Bantam225
Hitchings BretBlack Langshan Large Fowl193
Hobbs DarleneBuff Brahma Bantam205
Hoffman MelindaWhite Sabastopal Goose345
Holt DonaldBlack Cochin Bantam199
Horton LouisBlack East Indie Duck Duck1056
Horton LouisGray Call Duck469
Horton LouisWhite Call Duck176
House of Champions Black East Indie Duck Duck373
House of Champions Black Old English Bantam108
House of Champions Gray Call Duck406
House of Champions SC White Leghorn Bantam251
House of Champions White Call Duck345
Hudson BudBlack Langshan Large Fowl142
Hudson BudBlue Langshan Large Fowl153
Hudson BudRC White Leghorn Bantam246
Hudson BudSC White Leghorn Bantam526
Hudson BudWhite Langshan Large Fowl168
Hudson BudWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl1162
Huffman FloydWhite Laced Red Cornish Large Fowl330
Isgrigg Rose MarieBronze Turkey227
Jonas Dwayne & MelodyBB Red Old English Bantam129
Jonas Dwayne & MelodyDark Cornish Bantam253
Jonas Dwayne & MelodyDark Cornish Large Fowl464
Jonas Dwayne & MelodySC White Leghorn Large Fowl122
Jonas Dwayne & MelodySilver Sebright Bantam230
Jonas Dwayne & MelodyWhite Cornish Bantam103
Jonas Dwayne & MelodyWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl185
Jones Don & LeslieBlack Australorp Large Fowl335
Jones Don & LeslieBearded White Silkie636
Jones Don & LeslieWhite Call Duck477
Joseph FrankBlack Sumatra Large Fowl110
Joseph FrankWhite Runner Duck246
Justice Brian KBuff Cochin Large Fowl145
Kane's Feathered Friends Birchen Modern Game180
Kane's Feathered Friends Black Modern Bantam147
Karasek Donnie J.White Cornish Bantam100
Keith Rohrs S.Dark Cornish Large Fowl240
Kernan TomBlack Sumatra Bantam202
Kernan TomBlack Sumatra Large Fowl561
Kernan TomBlue Sumatra Large Fowl125
Kernan TomBrown African Goose737
Kershaw's Waterfowl Black Cayuga489
Kershaw's Waterfowl Pilgrim Goose533
Koedatich Jackie & VanessaBuff Brahma Bantam181
Konecny JamesAylesbury Duck251
Konecny JamesGray Toulouse Goose209
Konecny JamesPekin Duck185
Konecny JamesRouen Duck283
Konecny JamesWhite Runner Duck160
Krueger BillWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl101
Kutch EricBearded White Silkie230
Lacey PatWhite Cochin Bantam740
Laroche TroyBirchen Modern Bantam315
Laroche TroySC White Leghorn Large Fowl101
Laviolette BruceWhite Plymouth Rock Bantam140
Lawrence LarrySC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl105
Lewis BrianWhite Plymouth Rock Bantam113
Loecker ReynoldBlack Old English Bantam142
Loecker ReynoldSC Rhode Island Red Bantam187
Loecker ReynoldSC White Leghorn Bantam194
Lundgren ArtBlack East Indie Duck503
Lundgren ArtBlack Old English Bantam106
Lundgren ArtBlack Wyandotte Bantam201
Lundgren ArtGray Call Duck666
Lundgren ArtLight Brahma Large Fowl240
Lundgren ArtWhite Call Duck1665
Lundgren ArtWhite Wyandotte Bantam301
M & J Farm Black Ameraucana Large Fowl316
M & J Farm White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl191
MacLeod John RobertEmbden Goose123
Mahaffey NeilBlue Old Englsih Bantam109
Mahlums Waterfowl White Call Duck462
Marsinko AndrewBlack Langshan Large Fowl105
Marsinko AndrewBlack Muscovy148
Marsinko AndrewBlack Runner250
Marsinko AndrewBrown African Goose110
Marsinko AndrewBrown China Goose344
Marsinko AndrewBuff American Goose136
Marsinko AndrewBuff Saddle Back Pomeranion Goose111
Marsinko AndrewGray Call Duck161
Marsinko AndrewGray Saddleback Pomeranian Goose103
Marsinko AndrewNarragansett Turkey123
Marsinko AndrewPearl Guinea136
Marsinko AndrewPilgrim Goose101
Marsinko AndrewWhite Call Duck207
Marsinko AndrewWhite Runner Duck139
Maxwell J. E.White Runner Duck159
Mayer BillBlack East Indie Duck260
Mayer BillBlack Orpington Large Fowl161
Mayer BillBlack Sumatra Large Fowl676
Mazur JoeBlack Cochin Bantam728
Mazur JoeWhite Cochin Bantam447
McAfee LonnieBlack Rosecomb Bantam368
McCarty JerryBlack Old English Bantam266
McCarty JerryDark Cornish Bantam753
McCarty JerryWhite Cornish Bantam397
McCarty JerryWhite Plymouth Rock Bantam329
McCarty JerryWhite Wyandotte Bantam232
McCary ChristopherBlack LaFleche Large Fowl194
Mehler SharonWhite Faverolle Large Fowl152
Meyer RogerPartridge Wyandotte Bantam325
Miller JamesBirchen Modern Bantam237
Miller JamesBrown Red Modern Bantam155
Miller JamesRed Pyle Modern Bantam328
Miller Ken & BernitaBlack Cochin Bantam306
Miller MikeWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl108
Milliman PeteBlack Cayuga306
Monaco JohnSC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl142
Monaco JohnSC White Leghorn Bantam130
Monaco JohnWC Black Polish Large Fowl551
Monaco JohnWhite Orpington Large Fowl225
Monke Donald R.Black Australorp Large Fowl110
Monk's Poultry White Call Duck291
Monteith PaulWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl262
Morey LeRoyGray Call Duck261
Morey LeRoyWhite Call Duck714
Myers DennisSC Rhode Island Red Bantam239
Myers DennisSC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl290
Nelisse MarkBlack Cayuga180
Brown African Goose285
Nelsen ErikSilver Spangled Hamburg Large Fowl143
Nelson DonaldSC Rhode Island Red Bantam272
Nelson DonaldSC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl288
Nelson DonaldSC White Leghorn Bantam125
Noel Harvey Black Langshan Large Fowl431
Noorlander KevinBlack Australorp Large Fowl168
Noorlander KevinBlack Sumatra Large Fowl163
Noorlander KevinBrown African Goose203
Noorlander KevinRouen Duck274
Noorlander KevinWhite Wyandotte Bantam106
Oakes CurtisAmerican Buff Goose160
Oakes CurtisBlack Cayuga Duck258
Oakes CurtisBrown China Goose893
Oakes CurtisBuff American Goose153
Oakes CurtisKhaki Campbell Duck307
Oakes CurtisPekin Duck126
Oakes CurtisWhite Runner Duck202
Oakes ElanaBlack Cayuga208
Oakes ElanaWhite Call Duck137
Oakes GregBronze Turkey158
Oakes GregGray Saddleback Pomeranian Goose328
Oakes GregLight Brahma Large Fowl187
Oakes GregRoyal Palm Turkey126
Omega Blue Farms Bronze Turkey298
Omega Blue Farms Brown African Goose218
Overton GaryGray Toulouse Goose137
Overton GarySpeckled Sussex Large Fowl365
Padgett Danny & NormaBlack Muscovy Duck839
Padgett Danny & NormaBlue Muscovy Duck256
Padgett Danny & NormaNarragansett Turkey120
Padgett Danny & NormaRouen Duck130
Padgett Danny & NormaWhite Laced Red Cornish Large Fowl150
Pals BartWhite Plymouth Rock Bantam105
Patterson JonathanSalmon Faverolle Large Fowl168
Patterson JonathanWhite Wyandotte Large Fowl500
Patterson WilliamBlack Rosecomb Bantam1461
Peterson MarkBlack Cochin Bantam1461
Peterson MarkBuff Cochin Large Fowl558
Peterson MarkLight Brahma Large Fowl1290
Pilkerton J.E.Black Langshan Large Fowl162
Pimental RickNew Hampshire Large Fowl119
Plumer KatherineBlack Rosecomb Bantam220
Porr RickBearded White Polish Bantam330
Porr RickWC Black Polish Bantam357
Powell S. RobertPartridge Plymouth Rock Large Fowl205
Primeau MichelleWhite Runner Duck150
Rademacher Adrian J.SC Black Minorca Large Fowl1316
Rademacher Adrian J.SC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl704
Rademacher Adrian J.White Wyandotte Bantam160
Reese, Jr. Frank R.Bronze Turkey219
Reese, Jr. Frank R.Gray Toulouse Goose160
Reese, Jr. Frank R.Narragansett Turkey143
Reese, Jr. Frank R.Rouen Duck176
Riddle BridgetSilver Spangled Hamburg Large Fowl170
Riddle BridgetWF Black Spanish Large Fowl154
Rieber ArthurSpeckled Sussex Large Fowl129
Robinson BruceWhite Cochin Bantam130
Roebuck TomBlack Cochin Bantam438
Roscoe DonaldBlack Cayuga290
Roscoe DonaldBrown African Goose154
Roscoe DonaldRouen Duck195
Rossman GaryAustralorp Large Fowl401
Rynish NateWhite Tufted Roman Goose125
Sallee Jim & BonnieBirchen Modern Bantam588
Sallee Jim & BonnieBrown Red Modern Bantam180
Sallee Jim & BonnieBuff Orpington Large Fowl206
Sallee Jim & BonnieSC White Leghorn Bantam374
Sallee Jim & BonnieWhite Wyandotte Bantam147
Sanderford DwightDark Cornish Bantam155
Sando RobertPearl Guinea169
Sandoe WilliamBrown African Goose226
Sandoe WilliamGray Toulouse Goose276
Sandoe WilliamSC White Leghorn181
Sandoe WilliamSC White Leghorn Bantam181
Sandoe WilliamSC White Leghorn Large Fowl745
Sandoe WilliamSilver Sebright Bantam178
Schock RichardBlack Jersey Giant Large Fowl103
Schock RichardBlack Langshan Large Fowl168
Schock RichardBlack Muscovy Duck186
Schock RichardBlack Sumatra Bantam195
Schock RichardBlack Sumatra Large Fowl1052
Schock RichardBronze Turkey196
Schock RichardEmbden Goose186
Schock RichardNarragansett Turkey112
Schock RichardSC Black Minorca Large Fowl458
Sebastianelli RicoBlack Cochin Bantam219
See Glenn ABearded White Silkie Bantam150
Sherman BruceBlack Australorp Large Fowl422
Sherman BruceWhite Plymouth Rock Bantam253
Sherman Bruce & LowellBlack Australorp Large Fowl667
Sherman Bruce & LowellBuff Brahma Bantam200
Sherman Bruce & LowellWhite Plymouth Rock Bantam1034
Sherman Bruce & LowellWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl220
Shier ClareBlack Cayuga Duck138
Siegfried SandyWheaten Marans Large Fowl160
Smith James E.Black Langshan Large Fowl335
Smith James E.Black Sumatra Large Fowl259
Smith James E.White Plymouth Rock Large Fowl315
Smith James E.White Wyandotte Bantam184
Smith Paul & AngelaBlack Ameraucana Large Fowl169
Sorensen AndreaBlack Cochin Large Fowl148
Spencer MikeBuff Brahma Bantam227
Spitler ThomasBlack Old English Bantam160
Stevens DickSilver Spangled Hamburg Large Fowl220
Stichler MikeDominique Large Fowl158
Strawn MaxBlack Ameraucana Large Fowl152
Streeter ShawnBlack East Indie Duck140
Streeter ShawnRouen Duck229
Sugar Hill Poultry Light Brahma Bantam497
Sugar Hill Poultry Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam362
Takahashi FrankBlack Langshan Large Fowl159
Takahashi FrankBuff Orpington Large Fowl181
Tanis Poultry White Runner Duck193
Taylor LeifBlack East Indie Duck117
Thoreson KraigPearl Guinea485
Tripp KyleBlack Old English Bantam193
Tripp KyleWhite Call Duck103
Trombley RamonaBlack Australorp Large Fowl253
Troxell KathyWC Black Polish Bantam220
Turedson DoddieWhite Cochin Bantam134
Ulrich MattBlack Australorp Large Fowl309
Ulrich MattSC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl197
Urch Duane & PhyllisNarragansett Turkey570
Urch Duane & PhyllisWC Black Polish Large Fowl160
Urch Duane & PhyllisWhite Runner Duck100
Volk JimWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl586
Waters SteveWhite Aracauna Large Fowl235
Watson MerleWhite Wyandotte244
Watson MerleWhite Wyandotte Bantam259
Watson MerleWhite Wyandotte Large Fowl381
Watts Allen J.SC Light Brown Leghorn Large Fowl240
Weer DianneSC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl220
Weer DianneWhite Plymouth Rock Large Fowl256
West William R.Buff Cochin Large Fowl462
Wieser PaulWhite Chantecler107
Wild Plum Warterfowl Black Cayuga Duck152
Wild Plum Warterfowl Black Muscovy Duck152
Wild Plum Warterfowl Brown China Goose470
Wild Plum Warterfowl Buff American Goose188
Wild Plum Warterfowl Egyptian Goose145
Wiley JerryBlack Australorp Large Fowl386
Williamson DannyBlack Spanish137
Williamson DannyDark Brahma Large Fowl216
Williamson DannyWhite Call Duck199
Wilson AgnesSC Rhode Island Red Large Fowl131
Wilson GaryBlack Cochin Large Fowl115
Wilson GaryWhite Cochin Bantam120
Wilson Doerflein JeanPearl Guinea325
Wilson Doerflein JeanRouen Duck203
Wilson MaryWhite Orpington Large Fowl195
Wojtkowiak StevenBuff Brahma Bantam264
Woodall Darwin Black Sumatra Large Fowl100
Wulff BillBB Red Old English Bantam353
Wulff BillBlack Old English Bantam934
Wulff BillRed Pyle Modern Large Fowl289
Wulff BillRed Pyle Old English Bantam320
Zillich FredBuff American Goose129
Zimmerman Jim & PattiBlack Cayuga Duck179
Zimmerman Jim & PattiBlack East Indie Duck Duck218
Zimmerman Jim & PattiBlack Muscovy Duck213
Zimmerman Jim & PattiBrown African Goose480
Zimmerman Jim & PattiGray Call Duck307
Zimmerman Jim & PattiGray Toulouse Goose332
Zimmerman Jim & PattiWhite Call Duck1271
Zimmerman Jim & PattiWhite Runner Duck342
Zimmerman Jim & PattiWhite Sabastopal Goose584