2020 Annual Breeder Auction Donations

APA 2020 Annual Meet Breeder Auction Donations

                                     PPBA Show February 5-7, 2021

Dave AndersonBuff Geese pair or
Large Partridge Wyandotte – Pair
Steve BeatyLarge SC White Leghorn – Pair
CZ BantamsBantam Silver Duckwing Old English – Pair
Tom CareyGolden Sebright – Pair
Mike and Jan GeisLarge White Rock – Pair
Billy GroomsBantam Black Old English – Pair
Heather HayesWheaton Ko Shamo – Pair
Joe MazurBantam Cochin – Pair, variety TBD
John MonacoLarge White Crested Black Polish – Pair
Monk’s PoultryWhite Call Duck – Pair
Danny and Norma PadgettLarge White Laced Red Cornish – Pair
Danny and Norma PadgettLarge BB Red Modern Game – Pair
Danny and Norma PadgettBlack Muscovy – Pair
Jim and Bonnie SalleeBantam Birchen Modern Game – Pair
Bruce and Janice ShermanLarge Black Australorp – Pair
Mike SpencerBantam Buff Brahma – Pair

Please check the website often for further updates or additional donations.