2020 Annual Breeder Auction Donations

APA 2020 Annual Meet Breeder Auction Donations

                                     PPBA Show February 5-7, 2021

Dave AndersonBuff Geese pair 
Steve BeatyLarge SC White Leghorn Pair
CZ BantamsBantam Silver Duckwing Old English Pair
Tom CareyGolden Sebright Pair
Mike and Jan GeisLarge White Rock Pair
Billy GroomsBantam Black Old English Pair
John MonacoLarge White Crested Black Polish Pair
Monk’s PoultryWhite Call Duck Pair
Danny and Norma PadgettLarge White Laced Red Cornish Pair
Danny and Norma PadgettLarge BB Red Modern Game Pair
Danny and Norma PadgettBlack Muscovy Pair
Jim and Bonnie SalleeBantam Birchen Modern Game Pair
Bruce and Janice ShermanLarge Black Australorp Pair
Mike SpencerBantam Buff Brahma Pair

Please check the website often for further updates or additional donations.