MemberPlanet Access

Existing members may access their Member Planet account here: MemberPlanet Account

All APA members are added to MemberPlanet. If they join through MemberPlanet, then everything is set. If you have sent the APA Secretary your membership, the information is then posted to Memberplanet and is available for you.

To access your MemberPlanet account you need the email address assigned to your account and the password. If you’ve forgotten your password there is an option to send you a reset.

Why MemberPlanet?

At their annual meeting in Bath New York in September 2017, the APA Board of Directors, in an effort to streamline member needs, approved the utilization of a member management provider. The board chose MemberPlanet as this provider.

MemberPlanet is not just for renewing your APA membership! Some of the benefits members currently enjoy include a member app for your phone, better communication with APA management as well as your district director, your membership info including expiration date, membership renewal notification as well as your choice of manual or automatic membership renewal. And this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding benefits.  Announcements, the News and View etc. are delivered to you via this platform as well.