2018 APA Annual Meet

Hosted by the North American Poultry Breeders
Shawnee OK-----November 17-18, 2018

All monies from this auction will fund the 2023  150th Anniversary Celebration
Quality birds will be available from some of the top breeders in the fancy
Watch for updates
Large Fowl SC White Leghorn Pair by Steve Beaty and Christian Diaz

Large Fowl White Wyandotte Pair by Jonathan Patterson

Black or Blue Slate Turkey Pair by P. Allan Smith

Large Fowl Buckeye Pair by Aaron Baker

Large Fowl SC Rhode Island Red Pair by Matt and Joe Ulrich

Large Fowl Black Australorp Pair by Bruce and Janice Sherman

Large Fowl Birchen Modern Game Pair by Troy LaRoche

Large Black Ameraucana Pair by Mike & Jan Geis

Black Muscovy Pair by Jacob Bates

Penciled Runner Pair by Jacob Bates

Bantam White Wyandotte Pair by Mark Podgwaite & Lisa Clark

Bantam Langshan Pair by John & Marlene Hoekstra

Bantam Dark Cornish Pair by Anthony Ashley

Large Fowl Barnvelders Pair by Piet Van Genugten

Bantam SC Rhode Island Reds by Frederick Fick


For More Information please contact

Paul Monteith (519) 542-4963   [Email]
Bruce Sherman (209) 296-6245
Tom Roebuck (540) 661-9530 [Email]

American Poultry Association P O Box 9 Lucasville, OH 45648  740-876-4845