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  American Standard of Perfection
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44th  Edition   Price $59.00

44th Edition Shipped Overseas
 Price $99.00

44th Edition Shipped to Canada
 Price $76.00

American Poultry Association Yearbooks

We have several years available

Price $5.00 each
Select Year

Black White Standard Illustration
Price  $13.00

The Rosecomb Bantam
Price $9.00

Living with Chickens
Price $15.00

 Poultry Coloring  Book
Price $10.00



Modern Games
Price $9.00
Old English Game Bantams
Price  $9.00
Bantam Culture
Price $9.00

Poultry Duck and Goose Poster
Price $9.00

APA Mugs Price  $6.00 APA Trinket Box or Key Chain APA Coop Tags 500 ct
Price $30.00
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APA Polo Shirt Price $20.00
Black or Navy only  Sizes  Small-XXXL
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APA Caps  Price  $14.50
Dark Blue, Dark Green, Black,  Lt Blue, Pink
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APA T-Shirts Price $12.50
Black, Gray or Pink Sizes Small - XXXL
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APA Patch and  APA Judges Patch
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