Your First Poultry Show! What to expect.

Many of you are going to be showing for the first time this fall. Here are a few words of advice from a former newbie now a show superintendent.   

Entry forms Please write clearly, often we have non poultry friends helping us out. If you write orpthinten that will be on your cage card. variety means color (if you are not sure please ask) bbred Wheaton wheatgrass ECT. Ok Serama folks come here for a second. White is the only accepted color. black, exchequer and Wheaton are close. If they are not these colors please use NSV (non standard variety) not pumpkin spice latte, sand pile, bug on a window ect.C,H,K,P cock , hen, cockerl, pullet . Don’t use the R word. Before you mail your form take a picture or copy it. Trust me you will forget if you entered two cocks and a pullet or two pullets and a goose. Please don’t wait until the last minute to mail your form. Double check one more time .

first poultry show

Volunteer! If at all possible volunteer to help set up the show. We will find a job for you. It may be putting shavings in coops or going on an emergency chocolate run. 

Cooping In: Try to coop in the night before the show. I know it is tempting to get up at 2am load up birds, change a flat tire, forget your kid and have to turn around, and have kid puke in car in order to save money on a hotel, but it’s not worth it. 

Try to find someone else going to the show to share a room with. If we have time there is a story involving me , a blizzard, Knoxville and pink bunny jammies. 

Arriving early gives you time to deal with whatever little “hiccups ” the show Gods have thrown your way. Getting lost, open birds in the Jr show, Jr birds in the open show, Bantam in large fowl, zombies etc.I f you do have a “hiccups” calmly and politely bring it to my attention preferably with an offering of sugar or caffeine. It is all fixable. No it truly is. 

Remember earlier what I said about volunteers, I will help you first. There will be people at the show to help you find your coops. Some are more helpful than others. That’s my mom setting up the raffle table. She doesn’t know the difference between a modern and a cochin but she will teach your kids to crochet while we figure it out. 

Speaking of the raffle table feel free to donate something. We are thrilled with anything cookies, flower seeds, chicken anything. 

During the show it is considered impolite to go into the aisle during judging. Most block it off. Don’t touch things that are not yours. Birds, EGGS, my show box without asking. 

Kids at shows. I am sure you precious little future poultry hall of famer can recite the standard and is content to quietly observe the show for the next 6 hours. However you might want to bring something in case they get bored. We usually have coloring pages and sidewalk chalk available. Pop in a DVD of chicken people. 

It can be a long day. Bring a chair and your phone charger. Ask at the show if you can volunteer. There are tons of great jobs clerking for the judge is a great way to learn. Helping with the food or raffle table is awesome. We love help.

Once judging is done we do awards. They can range from spectacular trophies to just enough money for ice cream but ICE CREAM. 

Cooping Out: It is considered rude and unsportsmanlike behavior to coop out before awards are done. It can get you banned. However once the final award is given people will quickly pack up. You have never seen so many old dudes move so fast. 

Remember to have fun and don’t get discouraged. At my first show the judge just wrote NO on my cage card (it was an awful bird). Yet here I still am….i should probably seek professional help.


Shared by Jodi Forhan