Standard – Buff African Goose

Disqualifications and Point Cuts Absence of a knob or dewlap on mature specimens. Indisputable evidence that they will not develop white in primaries or secondaries. All orange knob and bill are disqualifications. Bill color on mature specimens: orange color is permissible from nostrils through knob with a 1 1/2 to 2 point deduction, depending on amount of orange coloration.

Bill: Caramel

Knob: Caramel

Eyes: Brown

Head: Rich buff color

Neck: Creamy buff color with a red-brown stripe

Back: Buff color with feathers edged in a shade of white.

Tail: Buff, heavily laced with a shade of white.

Wing Bows: Buff

Coverts: Solid Buff edged with a lighter shade of Buff Primaries

Buff Breast: Light Buff color

Body and Fluff: Light Buff shading to White in Abdomen

Legs: Feather

Color: Buff shading to light white color

Leg and Foot: Color Orange