SoP Omission

After many hours working to get the 45th edition of the APA Standard of Perfection, 2 sections were inadvertently omitted. The committee worked very hard to make this a great edition, which it is, and after many meetings and proof-reading, re-typing text since we did not have access to the copy that was being updated these past several years, we apologize for the omission of the below paragraphs.

Below you will find the missing information from the insert that will be included in any future sales of the 45th Edition. Over the years we have provided inserts such as this one when changes were approved to the current edition at the time. We felt that it was best to get ahead of the issue by including the insert.

The Standard Revision Committee



#2. Applying Disqualifications: Disqualifying weights for adult specimens shall apply at all times but due allowance should be made for decreased weight in adult birds in the molt during late summer and fall season. Disqualifying weights for young specimens shall not apply until December 1st.


Weight is a breed characteristic.

Any bird (except Beltsville Small White Turkeys) that deviates more than 20% either up or down from the weight listed for its breed, sex, and age should be disqualified.

Example – in a bird with a standard weight of 5 pounds, a range of 4 to 6 pounds is within the scope of “the standard weight”. This rule applies to all large fowl, bantams, ducks, geese, Guinea Fowl, and Turkeys (except Beltsville Small Whites).