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Offering support, exhibitions and education for poultry enthusiasts at all stages

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Standard Of Perfection

The APA works to support the community breeding and raising Standard Bred Poultry in all its phases with a goal on breeding to the Standard of Perfection. 

Advanced Poultry Knowledge

The APA supports advancement of Poultry knowledge and education in all phases, ensuring the longevity of Standard Bred Poultry.

Poultry Exhibitions & Events

The APA creates and manages the Standard Of Perfection for standard Bred Poultry to be exhibited and judged and offers annual exhibitions for competition.

Find a Judge

Find an Accredited APA Judge for your Upcoming Exhibition.

Find an Event

Explore upcoming events in your area across North America.

Find a Club

Find a Local Poultry Club that supports the APA mission and Vision.

Breeds & Varieties

Explore the accepted Breeds and Varieties for APA Sanctioned events and shows.

APA Store

Purchase a copy of the Standard of Perfection and other poultry related gifts.

Youth Programs

Learn more about our Partner the Youth Exhibition Poultry Association.

Become a member today!

The APA is the oldest Livestock organization in North America, and by becoming a member you are joining a community passionate about maintaining Heritage Poultry Breeds, improving knowledge and education, and supporting mentorship and events. 

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 It’s wintertime. The Temperature is hovering in the single digits, and the wind chill factor is several degrees below zero. The alarm clock rings at 6 a.m. and I go through

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Poultry Lice in Crested Breeds

The crests and beards on some breeds are the perfect environment for poultry lice and mites.   Raising healthy poultry means keeping a healthy flock, and managing pests, including lice

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