About the APA

Our Mission

To promote and protect standard-bred poultry in all its phases.

To accomplish our mission, the American Poultry Association will use these steps/values to govern the manner in which we achieve our goals:

  • Continue the publication of the American Standard of Perfection with breed and variety descriptions for all recognized standard bred fowl.

  • Encourage and protect poultry shows as being the show window of our industry, an education for both breeders and public, and a means of interesting young future poultry keepers in taking up poultry.

  • To continue the practice of granting Judging Licenses to qualified members who have met the requirements of the licensing program.

  • Assist, encourage and help educate the junior poultry keeper to the sound and practical value of standard-bred poultry and pure breeding.

  • Towards these goals the APA supports sanctioned meets at poultry shows all over the US and Canada, including an Annual, a Semi-Annual and a Canadian National meet.