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44th Standard of Perfection

44th Standard of Perfection 60.00 (United States only)
44th Standard of Perfection 85.00 (Canada only)
44th Standard of Perfection 99.00 (Outside of United States and Canada)
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Poultry Breeds9.50
The Backyard Field Guide to Chickens by Christine Heinrichs
Whatever your questions are, this book has the answers! The book contains information on more than seventy chicken breeds to help you identify which are best for your yard. Choosing the right bird for you may be influenced by color of the egg shells to meat qualities and these are discussed in the book. Autographed by the author.
Bantam Culture by Bruce Catlin
This book is a guide to the beginner to the world of breeding and exhibition bantam chickens. Hatching, fertility, incubation, feeding, and culling are all discussed. There are also chapters on the processes of entering shows and how judging occurs. Breeding practices are also discussed.
Black and White Standard Illustrations by Schilling, Burgess, Graham and Sewell
These illustrations appeared in the APA Standard of Perfection for many years before the creation of the first color APA Standard. The artists who created these illustrations are considered by many to be the best of all time. Many of the longer recognized breeds and varieties of chickens, ducks, and geese are represented with illustrations of both the male and female of the species.
Breeding and Showing Modern Game Bantams: Making it to Champion Row by Jeff Duguay, Ph.D.

Written by an ABA Master Exhibitor and Master Breeder of Modern Game Bantams, this book provides everything the exhibitor of modern game bantams will need to know. Not only are the traits in the Standard explained but there are side-by-side picture comparisons of birds that are strong and weak in those traits! Line breeding is what consistent show winners do. Learn line breeding strategies with specific examples of why birds were paired and their resulting offspring.
A Modern needs to pose if it’s going to win in a show. This is where you will find step-by-step instructions on how to train your modern to pose. There’s also information on housing, feeding, conditioning, how to get into to showing, parasites & other ailments and much more! To quote a recent testimonial “It’s like having a personal mentor on your bookshelf.”

[Note: This item ships directly from the publisher.]
Breeding and Showing Silkies: Making it to Champion Row by Jeff Duguay, Ph.D., Marty McGuire, ABA Judge, and Tony L. Davis, Jr.

Descriptions of the traits listed in the Standard with side-by-side picture comparisons of birds that are strong and weak in those traits; close to 40 pages on this alone! Couple this with color descriptions written in “layman’s” terms for all of the recognized varieties of Silkies plus several non-standard varieties, breeding strategies by successful exhibitors, information on how to prepare your Silkie for a show, what judges look for when judging Silkies – written in their own words, parasites and other ailments, and much more, you have a book that will prove useful for years to come! One of many testimonials “Anyone that has Silkies needs ‘Breeding and Showing Silkies: Making it to Champion Row’ even if they’re NOT going to show! The book is worth its weight in gold of information! I highly recommend this book! Spend the money, you’ll use the book for reference time and time again!” – Erin.

[Note: This item ships directly from the publisher.]
Breeding and Showing Old English Game Bantams: Making it to Champion Row by Jeff Duguay, Ph.D. and Peyton Igo, ABA Judge

This book is sure to be a Must Have for any Old English Breeder, Exhibitor, or Enthusiast. Information includes:

Descriptions of the traits listed in the Standard with side-by-side picture comparisons of birds that are strong and weak in those traits. Information on housing, condition, and breeding from winning Old English exhibitors and judges including Andy Barnes, Bill Wulff, Frank Reid, Tracy Hill, Kyle Tripp, Shane Morris and others! This is sure to be the most complete and thorough book ever written on Old English specifically for the Old English Game breeder and exhibitor. If you want to understand what the descriptions in the Standard are referring to or want to learn what the winners do in their breeding programs then you NEED this book! To quote a recent testimonial “I learned more by page 22 than I ever expected. Great job! I feel like I have more work to do than I thought, but I feel like I have to tools to make my own choices.”

[Note: This item ships directly from the publisher.]
Crianza y Demostracion de Gallos Old English Game Bantams: Llegando a la Linea de Campeones by Jeff Duguay, Ph.D. and Peyton Igo, Juez avícola ABA

Este libro seguramente será imprescindible para cualquier criador, expositor o entusiasta del inglés antiguo. La información incluye:

Descripciones de los rasgos enumerados en el Estándar con comparaciones de imágenes lado a lado de aves que son fuertes y débiles en esos rasgos. ¡Información sobre vivienda, condición y reproducción de expositores y jueces ganadores del inglés antiguo, incluidos Andy Barnes, Bill Wulff, Frank Reid, Tracy Hill, Kyle Tripp, Shane Morris y otros! Este seguramente será el libro más completo y minucioso jamás escrito sobre inglés antiguo específicamente para el criador y expositor de Old English Game. Si desea comprender a qué se refieren las descripciones en el Estándar o desea saber qué hacen los ganadores en sus programas de mejoramiento, ¡NECESITA este libro!

[Note: This item ships directly from the publisher.]
Breeding and Showing Belgian d’Uccles: Making it to Champion Row By Jeff Duguay, Ph.D. and Aaron Hamilton, APA, ABA Judge

In this 8 ½ x 11 book the authors go over the Belgian d’Uccle trait by trait describing what judges look for in exhibition d’Uccles. Couple this with picture examples of EVERY ONE of these traits showing good and bad examples and you have the definitive authority on exhibition d’Uccles! The reader will also find detailed information on the Mille Fleur color pattern with clear picture examples; Traits to be on guard against in your breeding program; as well as breeding strategies from experienced, and winning, Belgian d’Uccle fanciers. Plus, much more! As one Belgian d’Uccle breeder and exhibitor put it “I strongly suggest getting this book! It’s amazing and I can guarantee that you will learn a lot! – Susan.

[Note: This item ships directly from the publisher.]
Coloring Book10.50
How to Raise Chickens by Christine Heinrichs
An excellent guide for the beginner. Topics covered in include choosing and obtaining stock, housing and feeding chickens, flock health and culling programs, incubation, and incubation of eggs to produce replacement birds. The book also introduces the reader to showing at sanctioned shows and fairs.
How to Raise Poultry by Christine Heinrichs
An introduction to the many breeds and varieties of poultry available to be raised by the backyard enthusiast. Topics discussed include selecting the breeds you wish to raise, general animal health concerns, hatching and rearing young birds, and harvesting and selling the fruits of your labor.
Living with Chickens by Jay Rossier
The charm of having a backyard flock is an important aspect of this book. Housing, incubation, egg and meat production, and purchasing adult birds are some of the topics discussed in its chapters. The book concludes with a discussion of the important lessons children can learn from raising birds.
Modern Games by John S. Garrett
An important guide for the fancier considering raising this particular breed. Its history, suggested breeding practices, and the popular varieties shown are all discussed by the author and other noted breeders. How to train Moderns for the showroom is also covered in the work.
Old English Game Bantams by Dave B. Sherrill, Jr.
The history, breeding, conditioning, and showing of the breed are discussed in detail. How to select birds for correct type for the breeding pen and show room are covered by the author. Some of the most noted breeders discuss the more popular varieties of the breed with regard to breeding and exhibiting.
The Rosecomb Bantam Edited by the American Poultry Association
A collection of the important articles written about the breed frequently referred to as “The Beautiful Little Aristocrat”. The exhibition of these birds in the United States and in other parts of the world is discussed. The varieties available and breeding techniques are discussed by noted breeders.
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