Code of Conduct


Since 1873 the American Poultry Association has grown into a strong, vibrant and respected national organization. The strength and vitality of the APA must be preserved for the current membership and the future generations by promoting values such as integrity, education in promoting standard bred poultry, service to the APA and promotion friendships, etc.


Provide a democratic and orderly process to address activities that may have a negative impact on the integrity, operation and long-term health of the APA. Promote values that maintain the strength and longevity of the APA.


Grounds for Disciplinary Actions

 · Theft or any other action that impacts or compromises the financial integrity of the American Poultry Association.

· Organized or individual attempts to purposely and maliciously slander or discredit the integrity or stature of the American Poultry Association, its Officers, Directors and/or members in an excessive manner.

 · Misrepresentation of the American Poultry Association’s credentials, logo, property, etc. for the purpose of personal gain,

· Discrimination and harassment in any form including, but not limited to, e-mail, phone, person to person, social media or any other form of communication etc. and includes, but is not limited to, discrimination and harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.

· Violence or threatened acts of violence.

· Any additional actions that result in a significant negative impact to the American Poultry Association.

Procedure for Addressing Code of Conduct Violations

The Board of Directors and Officers will conduct an appropriate hearing to validate or disprove any of the above violations

The process for addressing Code of Conduct violations reported by members of the Association will be governed by Article III Section 1 of the By-laws, Filing Complaints and Charges.

Any other Code of Conduct violation will be governed by Article III Section 3 of the Constitution, Control of Members.

Disciplinary action as agreed upon by majority vote will be communicated to the defendant by the President of the organization.