Online Show Report

Joint APA/ABA Show Report Instructions

The APA/ABA organizations have combined their show report to one to help alleviate the hard work of all show staff at sanctioned shows by both organizations.

Please fill out the report completely and mail to the APA address on the form. NOTE: The American Bantam Association WILL receive the data too. Both clubs are working together on this venture.

The APA/ABA office will determine the exhibitor’s membership status. A complete report is needed to ensure that points and starred wins can be properly allocated. Please include a complete list of exhibitor names and addresses.

The numbers to be provided for classes and divisions are for the number of birds actually judged, not the number of birds entered. Numbers are important for determining points/starred wins accordingly. Please note that we ask you to report class champions, reserve class champions, division champions, reserve division champions (large chickens, bantams, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, turkeys), champion and reserve champion trios, champion and reserve champion displays, landfowl and waterfowl, and show and reserve show champions. It is important to report the number of trios shown if trios are in competition and the number of displays shown. 

For the purpose of this report: C=Cock, Old Drake, Old Gander or Old Tom; H-Hen, Old Duck, Old Goose or Old Hen; K=Cockerel, Young Drake, Young Gander, Young Tom; P=Pullet, Young Duck, Young Goose, Young Hen

Please complete this report and send to the address listed below within 30 days of the show.

The report is due in 30 days and if not filed within 90 days, the club will lose their APA sanction for one year as stated in our show rules. If the show report is not received within 6 months of the show, it will not be processed.

Please mail to the address below or email listed:
Norma Padgett 15930 W. State Road 238, Lake Butler, FL 32054 Email: [email protected]

Large Breed ChickensAmerican ClassPlymouth Rocks, Dominiques, Wyandottes, Javas, Rhode Island Reds, Rhode Island Whites, Buckeyes, Chanteclers, Jersey Giants, Lamonas, New Hampshires, Hollands and Delawares.
Asiatic ClassCochins, Langshans, Brahmas.
English ClassDorkings, Redcaps, Cornish, Orpingtons, Sussex, Australorps
Mediterranean ClassLeghorns, Minorcas, Spanish, Andalusians, Anconas, Sicilian Buttercups, Catalanas.
Continental ClassHamburgs, Campines, Lakenvelders, Polish, Houdans, Crevecoeurs, La Fleche, Faverolles, Welsumers, Barnevelders, and Marans.
All Other Standard BreedsModern Games, Old English Games, Sumatras, Malays, Cubalayas, Phoenix, Yokohamas, Aseels, Shamos, Sultans, Naked Necks, Araucanas, Ameraucanas.
Bantam Breed Chicken ClassesModern Game BantamsModern Bantams
Game BantamsAmerican Game, Old English Game
Single Comb Clean Legged BantamsAnconas, Andalusians, Australorps, Campines, Catalanas, Delawares, Dorkings, Dutch, Hollands, Japanese, Javas, Jersey Giants, Lakenvelders, Lamonas, Leghorns, Minorcas, Naked Necks, New Hampshires, Orpingtons, Phoenix, Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Spanish , Sussex, Serama, Nankin
Rosecomb Clean Legged BantamsAnconas, Antwerp Belgians {D’Anvers}, Dominiques, Dorkings, Hamburgs, Leghorns, Minorcas, Redcaps, Rhode Island Reds, Rhode Island Whites, Rosecombs, Sebrights, Wyandottes, Nankin
All Other Clean Legged BantamsAmeraucanas, Araucanas, Buckeyes, Chanteclers, Cornish, Crevecoeurs, Cubalayas, Houdans, KO Shamo, La Fleche, Malays, Polish, Shamos, Sicilian Buttercups, Sumatras, Yokohamas
Feathered Legged BantamsBooted, Brahmas, Cochins, Belgian d’Uccle, Faverolles, Langshans, Silkies, Sultans
Duck ClassesHeavy Weight ClassPekin, Aylesbury, Rouen, Muscovy, Appleyard, Saxony
Medium Weight ClassCayuga, Crested, Swedish, Buff
Lightweight ClassRunner, Campbell, Magpie, Welsh Harlequin
Bantam Duck ClassCall, East Indies, Mallards
Goose ClassesHeavy ClassToulouse, Embden, African.
Medium ClassSebastopol, Pilgrim, American Buff, Pomeranian, Steinbacher
Lightweight ClassChinese, Tufted Roman, Canada, Egyptian
Turkey ClassAll Turkeys compete in one classBronze, Narragansett, White Holland, Black, Slate, Bourbon Red, Beltsville Small White, Royal Palm
Guinea Fowl ClassAll Guinea Fowl Class compete in one classLavender, Pearl, White