Show reports received

Club Show Report Received 2021Date report receivedClub Show Report Received 2022Date report received  
7220 Poultry Club09/26/2021Anderson Bantam Poultry Club02/19/2022
Abilene Poultry Association11/13/2021Backwoods Benefit Poultry Show04/25/2022
Amarillo Bantam Club09/28/2021Bluebonnet Classic01/19/2022
Anderson Poultry Club12/07/2021Canadian Valley Poultry Club01/22/2022
Apache County Fair/4 Corners Poultry Association11/02/2021Cape Fear Poultry Association04/11/2022
Arkansas State Fair10/25/2021Cascade Spring Show03/22/2022
Arrowsmith Ag Assoc10/16/2021Comanche Crossroads Show #102/24/2022
Backwoods Poultry Association04/08/2021Comanche Crossroads Show #202/24/2022
Beaver Pigeon & Bantam Club12/01/2021Comanche Crossroads Show #302/24/2022
Buckeye Fancy Feather Club07/29/2021Comanche Crossroads Show #402/24/2022
Canadian Heritage Breeds8/14/2021 and 11/15/2021Dayton Fancy Feather Club05/02/2022
Canadian Valley Poultry Club2/22/2021 and 12/27/2021Fancy Feathers Poultry Show by Kyle 4-H04/12/2022
Cape Fear Poultry Association11/08/2021Florida Poultry Fanciers Association01/17/2022
Carolina Classic Fair10/20/2021Florida State Fair03/08/2022
Carroll County Fair09/08/2021Forsyth Fowl Fanciers Association04/16/2022
Central Coast Feather Fanciers11/06/2021Gold Coast Poultry Fanciers02/12/2022
Central Florida Poultry Breeders Assoc.12/16/2021Greater California Society of Poultry Fanciers03/09/2022
Central Illinois Poultry Club11/15/2021Green River Poultry Club Spring Show04/29/2022
Central Indiana Poultry Show12/17/2021Lawrence County Poultry Club04/04/2022
Central Maine Bird Fanciers, Inc.7/2/2021 and 10/30/2021National Western Stock Show02/08/2022
Central Washington Fair11/01/2021Northeastern Poultry Congress01/22/2022
Cocke County A & I Fair08/09/2021Pacific Poultry Breeders Association02/07/2022
Colorado Poultry Association04/20/2021South East Ohio Poultry Breeders 04/01/2022
Colorado State Fair & Exposition09/22/2021Southeast Ohio Poultry Breeders Spring Show04/01/2022
Columbia River Poultry Exhibitors11/17/2021Southwestern Expo & Livestock Show02/14/2022
Comanche Crossroads12/06/2021Tri-State Poultry Association Show04/24/2022
Connecticut Poultry Breeders09/25/2021Utah Fancy Poultry Spring Show04/01/2022
Coulee Region Poultry Club06/10/2021West Texas Winter Classic02/02/2022
Cowlitz County Fair09/02/2021White River Poultry Club05/07/2022
Crawford County Fair Association09/10/2021
Darke County Fair09/23/2021
Dayton Fancy Feather Club10/15/2021
Delmarva Poultry Fanciers Club01/07/2022
Eastern Iowa Poultry Association10/13/2021
Eastern Kentucky Poultry Assoc01/08/2022
Eastern New York State Poultry Assoc.11/23/2021
Evergreen State Fair09/11/2021
Finger Lakes Feather Club07/27/2021
Florida Poultry Fanciers Association01/12/2021
Florida State Fair Authority05/26/2021
Four Corners Poultry Show11/02/2021
Fredericksburg Ag Fair08/24/2021
Friendship Poultry Club11/02/2021
Green River Poultry Club10/08/2021
Harris County Fair01/06/2022
Heart of Dixie Poultry Club03/01/2021
High Desert Feather Fanciers10/10/2021
Humboldt Poultry Fanciers Association07/27/2021
Illinois State Fair08/20/2021
IL-MO Poultry Club09/20/2021
Indiana State Fair09/28/2021
Iowa State Fair08/18/2021
Kansas State Fair10/04/2021
Kentucky State Fair09/14/2021
Klein FFA Alumni12/13/2021
Lawrence Co. Poultry Club (AL)4/15/2021 and 11/23/2021
Lebanon Area Fair08/31/2021
Lebanon Valley Poultry Fanciers10/28/2021
Little Rhody Poultry Fanciers11/07/2021
Lorain County Fair09/08/2021
Marion Co. Fair Assoc.07/08/2021
Michigan Poultry Fanciers11/17/2021
Minnesota State Fair09/04/2021
Minnesota State Poultry Association11/18/2021
Missouri State Fair09/15/2021
Missouri State Poultry Assoication5/6/2021 and 11/15/2021
Montana State Fair01/06/2022
Moon City Poultry Club12/06/2021
Nebraska State Fair09/24/2021
Nebraska State Poultry Association12/26/2021
New Brunswick Purebred Poultry Association09/15/2021
New England Bantam Club12/15/2021
Newcasdtle Poultry Association04/04/2022
Norfolk Poultry, Pigeon & Pet Stock Assoc11/23/2021
North Carolina State Fair11/13/2021
North Iowa Poultry Assoc.11/26/2021
North Louisiana Poultry Club11/26/2021
North Woods Poultry Fanciers09/28/2021
Northern Nevada Poultry Fanciers12/05/2021
Nova Scotia Purebred Poultry Assoc.11/27/2021
Ohio Poultry Breeders Association12/07/2021
Ohio State Fair08/13/2021
Oklahoma State Poultry Federation12/27/2021
Old Dominion Poultry Association09/30/2021
Ontario Poultry Breeders & Acton Ag Society11/16/2021
Orange County Fair & Event Center Fair08/11/2021
Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center09/08/2021
Ozark Empire Fair08/10/2021
Pacific Poultry Breeders Association02/22/2021
Panhandle-South Plains Fair Association10/12/2021
Peachstate Poultry Association07/27/2021
Permian Basin Fair & Exposition09/16/2021
Red Stick Bantam Club12/20/2021
Redvers Small Animal and Bird Organiztion11/14/2021
Renegade Poultry Show12/27/2021
Rochester Poultry Association11/13/2021
Rocky Mountain Feather Fanciers11/23/2021
Rocky Mountain Poultry Association10/20/2021
Rogers Poultry and Pigeon Show08/04/2021
Salt Spring Island Poultry Club7/12/2021 and 9/22/2021
Santa Cruz County Fair10/18/2021
Saulk Trail Poultry Club07/18/2021
South Dakota State Fair09/07/2021
South East Ohio Poultry Breeders Association11/03/2021
South Plains Bantam Association02/10/2021
South Texas Poultry Club01/09/2022
South Texas State Fair05/30/2021
Southwest Washington Fair09/02/2021
State Fair of Texas11/15/2021
Tennessee Valley Poultry Club4/19/2021 and 12/06/2021
Twin Tier Poultry Club09/22/2021
Utah Fancy Poultry Association10/14/2021
Utah State Fair10/01/2021
Vernon Pigeon & Poultry Club11/07/2021
Virginia Poultry Breeders Association12/01/2021
Washington State Fair10/08/2021
Western Reserve Poultry Club06/14/2021
White River Poultry Club09/04/2021
Whiteside County Fair08/27/2021
Will County Fair08/30/2021
Windsor Fair10/01/2021
Wisconsin International Poultry Club17-Oct
Wisconsin State Fair09/14/2021
York County Poultry Fanciers Association8/26/2021 and 11/28/2021

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