All names in BOLD are Directors

Association PublicationsNorma Padgett
Lake Butler, FL
[email protected]
Association PublicationsDavid Adkins
Constitution and By-LawsRobert Vaughn
Pequot Lakes, MN
[email protected]
Constitution and By-LawsJohn Monaco
Constitution and By-LawsLeo Dunn
Education, Training, and Utility Breeds Amy & Lucas Gabbard
[email protected]
Education, Training, and Utility BreedsBlake Bell
Education, Training, and Utility BreedsCassandra Everly
Education, Training, and Utility BreedsJodi Frye
ETL InvestmentSam Brush
Keller, TX
[email protected]
ETL InvestmentAaron Baker
ETL InvestmentMatt Ulrich
Finance, Ways and MeansNorma Padgett
Lake Butler, FL
[email protected]
Finance, Ways and MeansDick Horstman
Vice President
Finance, Ways and MeansFrank Goodfellow
Finance, Ways and MeansNate Rynish
Flock CertificationDick Horstman
[email protected]
Flock CertificationHeather Hayes
Flock CertificationDanny Padgett
Flock CertificationChristine Heinrich
Host Show Recruitment and AwardsNorma Padgett
Lake Butler, FL
[email protected]
Host Show Recruitment and AwardsDon Nelson
Host Show Recruitment and AwardsBrian Gates
Judges LicensingPaul Kroll
Lancaster, NY
[email protected]
Judges LicensingHeather Hayes
Judges LicensingJonathan Patterson
LegislativePhil Bartz
Murrayville, IL
[email protected]
LegislativeDwayne & Melody Jonas
LegislativeAngela Ulanch
LegislativeMatt Ulrich
Members Honors and ResolutionsSam Brush
Keller, TX
[email protected]
Members Honors and ResolutionsMark Peterson
Members Honors and ResolutionsJames “Bo” Garret Jr
Members Honors and ResolutionsHost District Director
MembershipAaron Baker
Dardanelle, AR
[email protected]
MembershipHoward Davenport
MembershipMark Peterson
MembershipFrank Goodfellow
MembershipDan Castle
Promotion and MarketingStephanie Coomer
[email protected]
Promotion and MarketingJonathan Patterson
Promotion and MarketingLindsey Ely
Promotion and MarketingJohn Monaco
Promotion and MarketingDave Anderson
Property Preservation and History Cassandra Everly
[email protected]
Property Preservation and HistoryDan Honour
Property Preservation and HistoryBob Choate
Property Preservation and HistorySam Brush
Property Preservation and HistoryLucas Gabbard
Property Preservation and HistoryJoshua Trujillo
ScholarshipDavid Adkins
Lucasville, OH
[email protected]
ScholarshipDon Cash
ScholarshipEmily Shoop
ScholarshipAmy Gabbard
ScholarshipRamona Trombley
StandardPaul Monteith
Ontario, Canada
[email protected]
StandardKeith Lutz
StandardMichael Wasylkowski
WebsiteKatelin McKnight Crute
Seattle, WA
[email protected]
WebsiteNorma Padgett
Welfare, Grievance and AppealMatthew A. Lhamon
Harrod, OH
[email protected]

Welfare, Grievance and AppealBryan Shelton
Welfare, Grievance and AppealDon Nelson
YearbookDave Anderson
[email protected]
YearbookJan Geis
YearbookAbigail Wojtecki
YearbookRamona Trombley
YearbookLeigh Shilling Edwards
YearbookStephanie Coomer