Raising Poultry

favorite poultry equipment

Favorite Poultry Equipment Items

The successful care of poultry can be achieved by following the standard of daylight, ventilation and cleanliness. I have watered my chickens out of an old cooking pot. Fed them

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winter equipment maintenance

Winter Equipment Maintenance

This article on winter equipment maintenance for waterfowl is being republished from Acorn Hollow Bantams website with permission from Lou Horton. For many of us, winter brings a time where

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Chiggers and Poultry

Chiggers also are known as red bugs, jiggers, harvest mites and by other common names. More than 700 species are known, but only three or four are important parasites in

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red imported fire ants

Red Imported Fire Ants

Red imported fire ants, Solenopsis invicta, form tall, hardened mounds in clay-type soil in and around poultry operations. Imported fire ants can cause problems on poultry farms by attacking chickens

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What’s Next for Avian Influenza

What’s Next for Avian Influenza?

This article discusses what’s next for avian influenza, focusing specifically on the Pacific Flyway but the general message is applicable elsewhere. Action on Avian Influenza really lies at the hands

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small flocks and avian influenza

Small Flocks and Avian Influenza

This article provides information on small flocks and how avian influenza impacts small flock poultry operations, specifically in regards to the Pacific Flyway, while the general message is applicable elsewhere.

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