Raising Poultry

avian influenza background and timing

Avian Influenza Background and Timing

This article provides avian influenza background and timing in regards to the Pacific Flyway, but the general message is applicable elsewhere. Background In our newfound world of pandemic awareness, it

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crooked toes

Crooked Toes in Poultry

Our American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection reflects that a crooked toe is a defect that results in a .5 to 2 point deduction per toe. Are you curious about

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Beetles and Poultry

Darkling Beetles The darkling beetle or lesser mealworm, Alphitobius diaperinus, is rapidly becoming more of a nuisance in poultry operations. Large populations of beetles sometimes migrate to nearby residential areas, especially after

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Fleas: How do they impact poultry

Fleas are occasionally found in the poultry house. They are usually first noticed in the litter, where a wide range of hosts are attached, including rats, mice, chickens and people.

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dominique chicken

The Dominique: True All-American

Dominique. Pilgrim fowl. Old Gray Hen. Blue Spotted Hen. Dominico. Dominecker. The Dominique chicken has gone through all of these names through the years, and could be comparable to the

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feed and water management

Feed and Water Management

This article on feed and water management is an excerpt from the Small Flock Poultry Health Manual published by the Province of B.C. Ministry of Agriculture. The full manual can

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