Raising Poultry

cross beak

Cross Beak

I have come across several inquiries asking questions about cross beak and its origin. Numerous scientific studies have been completed on the subject. I reviewed several of the scientific studies

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blue eggshell

Blue Eggshell: What Pigments Create This?

This article reviews the biochemical and physiological characteristics of the blue eggshell, characteristic of Araucana and Ameraucana chickens. Numerous studies and scientific advances have occurred which have gradually increased our

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backyard bird feeders

Backyard Bird Feeders And your flock

Birds—including those in your flock—come in many different and beautiful forms. And the appreciation of birds, whether they are laying eggs in your coop or migrating to South America—can take

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water and poultry


 It’s wintertime. The Temperature is hovering in the single digits, and the wind chill factor is several degrees below zero. The alarm clock rings at 6 a.m. and I go through

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