Entering Poultry Shows

As a show secretary I thought I could offer some basic help when a poultry show. These are items that seem to regularly pop up every year. The goal is to help make your experience as enjoyable as possible, and it all starts with entering in poultry shows.

1) Read the show rules completely, and be prepared to comply with them

2) Fill out your entry completely e.g. “Bantam”-“Bearded”-etc.

3) Make a copy of your entry for your own records.

4) Send your entry and payment in on time, and to the correct person.

5) Many shows will email you when they have received your entry, if not then enclose a self addressed stamped post card to be mailed back to you.

6) Have your birds prepped within the required timelines needed for success e.g. washed, cleaned, and trained.

entering poultry show, filling out form

7) Take along feed and bedding to the show, some take along water.

8) Check for last minute issues in your birds e.g. stubs, off colored feathers, etc.

9) Know where the show is and what path you are taking to get to there.

10) Check in at the show desk for any last minute details and show packages for exhibitors.

11) Abide by the rules, ALL OF THEM!

12) Be there when you birds are being judged, simply to see if your birds cooperated during judging.

These are just a few tips to remember when entering poultry shows whether it is your first time or just need a reminder as it has been awhile. Each show has their own show rules and requirements so make sure to read over the rules provided by each show you enter as there may be slight differences between each show. Hopefully this can help make a poultry show an enjoyable experience!


By Bart Pals