Breeding Poultry

oyster shell and grit, waterfowl, silver appleyard

Oyster Shell and Grit for Waterfowl

This article on the importance of oyster shell and grit for waterfowl is being republished from Acorn Hollow Bantams website with permission from Lou Horton. Keepers of domestic waterfowl in

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favorite poultry equipment

Favorite Poultry Equipment Items

The successful care of poultry can be achieved by following the standard of daylight, ventilation and cleanliness. I have watered my chickens out of an old cooking pot. Fed them

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crooked toes

Crooked Toes in Poultry

Our American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection reflects that a crooked toe is a defect that results in a .5 to 2 point deduction per toe. Are you curious about

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