Barnevelder – Revised Standard

Revised Standard Of Perfection for the Barnevelder.

Disqualifications: White in the earlobes
Standard Weights for Largefowl Barnevelder: Cock 7 lbs., Hen 6 lbs., cockerel 6 lbs., pullet 5 lbs

COMB: Single, medium in size, straight and upright, evenly serrated, having 5 well defined points.
BEAK: Short stout and well curved.
FACE: Smooth, fine textured and as free from feathers as possible.
EYES: Very bright and prominent.
WATTLES: Medium in size. Well rounded and of fine texture
EAR-LOBES: Medium in size
HEAD: carried high with a neat skull
NECK: Fairly long, full and carried erect. Slightly arched. Hackle well developed flowing to the shoulder covering part of the back and part of the front of neck.
BACK: Well balanced and concave. Medium in length, broad and deep.
TAIL: Full with graceful, uniform sweep. Carried high, up to fifty degrees above the horizontal. Moderately spread and open. Medium in length.
Coverts and sickles covering the main tail feathers well.
WINGS: Well developed, carried high and rather short.
Front of bow partly covered by breast feathers and wing tips are partly covered by saddle feathers.
Bottom of wings rests horizontally on the flanks.
BREAST: Deep, broad and full
BODY AND FLUFF: Body medium in length, deep and broad
LEGS AND TOES: Legs set well apart when viewed from the front.
Toes – Four on each foot, well spread
PLUMAGE – Very tight and nice texture

For more information on Barnevelders check out Barnevelder Club of North America.