Standard – Self Blue Ameraucana

Standard shape requirements the same as for the breed description of the Ameraucana.


COMB, FACE, WATTLES, AND EARLOBES: Red, except female earlobes to be very pale, matching color of skin.
BEAK: Horn to black.
EYES: Reddish bay.
SHANKS AND TOES: Slate, bottoms of feet and toes white.
PLUMAGE: In all sections preference to be given to a medium shade of clear blue, free from lacing, shaftiness, mealiness and messiness, with no contrast in color between any of the sections, a harmonious blending of all sections being desired, the male sex feathers of hackles, back, saddle and wing-bows carrying a metallic gloss of the same basic hue as the general plumage and free from green, purple or bronze sheen. Indistinct barring is a defect.
BEARD AND MUFFS: Medium shade of clear blue, matching body color.